How Do I Ask My Wedding Guests to Wear the Same Color?

Jenny Ebert Photography

Planning a monochromatic wedding with everything from your bouquet flowers to your guest's attire taking on a single hue? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to explain how you can (politely!) ask loved ones to sport a specific color without seeming over-demanding.

I've seen photos of all-white weddings, and I think they're so chic. How do I ask guests to wear the same color?

Since it's not a standard request, do it on your save-the-date or wedding Web site, not your invite. You can even spread the word in person (ask the wedding party to help) or by email. Some guests may be put off by being told what to wear, so be careful with your wording. Try something like "If you don't mind, please indulge us and dress in...."

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