Real Brides Share: How I Felt Walking Down the Aisle

Updated 03/04/16

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Your walk down the aisle is the most epic, most photographed, most significant brief walk of your life. How will you feel as you make your way to your soon-to-be husband? You can't predict, but you can learn what three other brides experienced.

Follow this mini blog series, get to know these brides, and learn about the range of emotions they experienced — so you can get a sense of what you may go through on your big day. Here, the brides share how they felt walking down the aisle toward their about-to-be spouse.

Walking down the aisle, I felt...

"I felt so fully myself and completely loved in the moments before and during my walk up the aisle," said Tina from New York City. "I could feel the love and pride emanating from my parents as they walked beside me. It was really special to see all my guests beaming at me. I didn't rush; I wanted to see everyone and everything as I walked."

"This was the most surreal experience of the day," described Laura from Tennessee. "I remember taking a deep breath right before the doors opened. I remember making eye contact and smiling at a few people as I walked. I remember noticing that the song I had chosen ended precisely when I arrived at the altar, which I thought was perfectly poetic. Overall, the whole walk felt like a dream. I remember thinking, "Is this really happening?'"

"Pure happiness," remembers Channon from New Jersey. "I couldn't take my eyes off husband-to-be. Even though we'd done first look photos, it was completely different to walk down the aisle with my veil on. My father's strong arm kept me steadied, and my husband's gaze warmed my soul. It was beautiful to be in the security of the two most important men in my life."

Allison Moir-Smith is The Bride Whisperer and uses psychology to solve sticky wedding-planning situations. Look for her next post, "How I Felt During the Ceremony."

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