5 Cocktail Hour Trends You’ve Got to Try

Add something fun to the traditional cocktail hour!

Updated 02/25/17

Photo by Weddings By Sasha

Dresses, hairstyles, florals and color schemes — they all tend to go in and out of style if you’re keeping on the pulse of wedding trends. You may be surprised to hear that the same goes for cocktail hour offerings, too! Check out five of our favorite current cocktail hour trends you’ve just got to try.

Everything DIY
You’ve done all the work in wedding planning, now it’s time to make your guests put in a little work, too. All in good fun, of course. DIY cocktail hour stations, like build your own macaroni and cheese tables, S'mores set-ups, create your own pasta buffets, and ice cream sundae bars (extra sprinkles, please!) are all a huge hit among guests and couples alike. Giving guests the chance to customize what they’ll be eating proves for a fun experience they’re sure to enjoy. We’ve got a feeling this trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, nor should it.

Craft Beer Samplers
Micro and craft brews are hotter than ever. Beer-loving couples can find simple ways to incorporate personal favorites into their big day, whether it be with assorted bottles on display, a few stocked at the bars or even having your favorite brewery or brew master present at your cocktail hour to provide samplings and pours, along with some information. This hour is meant for sampling — and it’s the perfect way to share your favorite niche beverages with your guests.

Perfect Pairings
You and your fiancé are undoubtedly a perfect pair! Build upon that idea with a perfectly paired station. Miniature grilled cheeses with tomato soup shots, spaghetti and meatballs, milk and cookies, fish and chips, chicken and biscuits — the options are endless. Not only will you be expanding upon the cute notion that you are meant to be together, these are also sure to be crowd and taste bud pleasers, too.

Mozzarella Making
Mangia! Who doesn’t love fresh, as in made-in-front-of-you fresh, mozzarella cheese? Surrounded by various cured meats and cheeses, opt to have a chef’s table featuring freshly made as-you-watch mozzarella. Combining the delicious foods in a few verities with a live demonstration will provide guests with both delectable bits and entertainment — what can beat that?

Make it Personal
Love New Orleans? Talk to your chef about crafting a Cajun inspired table, complete with crawfish, jambalaya, draped Mardi Gras beads and masques. Francophile? Crepes, caviar and Champagne can await guests at a Parisian themed station. By paying homage to your favorite city or region, you can add a touch of personal detail to your cocktail hour, while including exotic offerings you otherwise might not have thought to. It’s a win/win!

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