The Craziest (And Cutest!) Wedding Hookup Stories

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Turns out, true love isn't the only thing in the air at weddings! For your single friends, your big day is the perfect opportunity to meet Mr. Right Now (or Mr. Wrong, whichever way you look at it). From hot hookups to happily-ever-afters, check out these wild and crazy wedding hookup stories that you have to read to believe.

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

"I met this guy at my friend's wedding and we really hit it off. We live on opposite sides of the country so I didn't think anything would come of it other than a night of casual fun, but I remember being struck by how nice and genuine he seemed. We ended up spending the night together. In the morning we exchanged numbers and talked about meeting up in a couple months when he visited the city I live in. Later that day I decided to check him out on Facebook, only to discover a profile picture of him with another girl. There were also tons of posts on his wall saying, "Congrats on your engagement!" from about three weeks earlier. I texted him to ask if it was true, and he admitted it. Needless to say, we never spoke again." — Laura

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

"I was the maid of honor at one of my best friend's weddings a year ago, and I made out with this cute guy after the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Fast forward to the wedding on Saturday, and I'm sitting at the same table as him and his ex-girlfriend. They were dancing the entire evening, and I'm pretty sure they shared a room together that night as well. The following day he sat at the same brunch table as me. It was a little awkward; however we are friends now." — Elaine

A Trip Down Memory Lane

"In college, I was a hostess at an upscale restaurant and hotel that hosted a lot of wedding receptions. One night, a cute groomsman invited me to come to his friend's wedding and reception. I love weddings too much to be a party crasher, but my BFF and I met up with him later and took a ride on their party bus into town. At 3 a.m. we all piled back into the bus and headed back towards the restaurant/hotel, where the party continued. At one point, my groomsman took my hand and we walked around the corner to one of the gorgeous banquet halls. We goofed around a little, then he lifted me up onto the bar and we had the hottest makeout session ever. The next morning I was with my BFF at our favorite bagel shop in town for breakfast. And my groomsman walked into the shop looking like hell-served him right for how much he had to drink that night. I grabbed my friend's arm and freaked. That was him! He walked out without noticing that I was sitting right there. Five minutes later I got a text from him telling me how much fun he had." — Kaity

And They Lived Happily Ever After

"I met my fiancé at my best friend's wedding almost two years ago. I was her maid of honor and before the wedding she sent me a list of five to 10 single guys I should try to meet there. I didn't think much of the list, but it's fun to look back now because Chris (my fiancé) is on it. He's a friend of her husband's. We only talked for a few minutes at the reception and danced once, but we talked for hours at the after-party and then started a long-distance relationship. I moved to Nashville for him a year and a half ago and we're getting married in December." — Caitlin

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