6 Creative Ways to Honor Your Dad at Your Wedding

Tom Tomkinson Photography

Your wedding day (and Father's Day!) is a great opportunity to give a little shout-out to those who gave you unconditional love and support along your journey, from your first steps as a toddler to the altar. On the day you say “I do,” consider these ways to honor your father, stepfather, or father figure, aside from having them walk you down the aisle. After all, you wouldn’t be who you are today without them.

A Special Dance

Many weddings feature the traditional father-daughter dance but why not take it a step further to make it one to remember? If dad’s got two left feet, perhaps you can spend some quality time together by attending dance lessons prior to the big day, whether to learn to dance a bit better or maybe even pull off a choreographed routine. Or you can surprise them with the song you dance to by selecting a sentimental song you both have a connection to.

Ask Him to Officiate

What could be a bigger honor than being asked to officiate your child’s wedding? While it may take a bit of preparation to become qualified (or not—these days you can get ordained in five minutes online), it can be considered the ultimate compliment to be asked to be the person who makes your marriage real. With the opportunity to share loving words and special moments with all in attendance while making your union official, you can work with your dad to create the ultimate ceremony. Not only will your dad have a huge part in your special day, but we’re pretty sure the honor will be all theirs.

A Parent-Child “First Look”

First looks with your soon-to-be spouses have become a popular way to share a special moment together privately prior to walking down the aisle. So why not consider having a separate first look with your dad? They'll probably be pacing the halls waiting to see you all dolled up for your big day anyway. By setting aside a few minutes for a prewedding moment, you’ll not only create a memory that will last a lifetime, but it’s also a great photo op!

An Unexpected Shout-Out

Many times fathers of the bride will read a speech at the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding itself while welcoming guests and sharing memories and words of wisdom. Why not turn the tables a bit, and instead give your dad a special shout-out, too? You and your fiancé may want to take a moment to thank all of your parents, or anyone who made your special day possible and memorable—just a minute or two of time to verbalize your love and appreciation could mean the world.

A Photo Surprise

This may take just a little bit of planning, but it’s a fun and creative way to make dad feel special post-wedding. With the help of a sneaky photographer, create a sign or prop that says something super sentimental, such as “I loved you first.” Or something short and sweet that says it all: “Thanks, Dad!”

While posing with or walking toward your dad (if their back is turned), you can hold the sign up, so that when your photos come in they are given the sweetest surprise they will undoubtedly cherish forever.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue—Dad Edition

Typically, something borrowed or something blue comes from a past bride. But what father wouldn’t feel special if, you asked them to help out? Maybe you’d like to borrow one of dad’s handkerchiefs or sew a blue cut-out heart from an old dress shirt into your outfit. Or you can add a borrowed cufflink into the wrapped stem of your bouquet. Think outside of the box, and there’s plenty of cute ways to incorporate your dad into the tradition.

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