7 Types of Honeymoon Sex You Should Totally Have

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You may think you don't need any advice when it comes to hot honeymoon sex, but think again! "No matter how sexually liberated we are, the knowledge that our partner has committed to a permanent bond pumps our hormones, excites beneficial brain chemicals, and brings us to a new level of full-body pleasure that can make honeymoon sex feel like an ecstatic experience," explains sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. So where to even begin, you ask? "You'll want to get your marital sex off on the right foot by being creative, fun, and engaging," says certified sex therapist Kat Van Kirk.

Meet the Expert

  • Gloria Brame, Ph.D., is a sexologist and the author of The Truth About Sex: A Sex Primer For The 21st Century.
  • Kat Van Kirk is a certified sex therapist and author of The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life.

To help you through that electric connection, our two experts are here to share seven kinds of honeymoon sex you should absolutely have.

1. Explore oral sex.

Your honeymoon is not the time to fast-forward past foreplay. "Every couple should know how to get each other off manually, without toys," says Brame. And your honeymoon, she says, is the ideal time to perfect your skills. "Many brides fall into a trap of giving and not receiving, or not receiving it the way they need and want it. A honeymoon is a good time to establish your future sex habits and to make sure you get as much as you give."

2. Have sex (almost) wherever you want.

Van Kirk says that finding new opportunities to have sex—whether on the beach or in an elevator—can bring making love to a whole new level. "Your honeymoon is the time to be playful," she explains. "This time is devoted to just the two of you—something that will change when you return home to reality." Not only that, but she adds that your honeymoon is your best chance of getting away with weird locations. "Even if you get caught, people tend to forgive newlyweds pretty easily," she explains.

3. Try one new thing.

Whatever tickles your fancy, now's the time to try something new. "You may be one of the rare individuals who will always be happy having sex in pretty much the same way," Brame says, "but the vast majority of adults tend to crave variety after a few years of marriage. Lack of variety is the number one cause of people straying outside their primary relationship. So take the time now to learn new things, add spice to your sex, and never be afraid to try new ways to give and receive pleasure."

4. Focus on sensations.

Van Kirk recommends that on your honeymoon you explore sexual intimacy that "is solely focused on sensation and the sensual—think: good sheets, romantic lighting, aromatherapy candles," she says. Why? "Because honeymoon sex should feel special. It's about enjoying one another's body and the sensations involved. This is the time to linger in one another's sensuality."

5. Enjoy a quickie.

You've got plenty of time to get it on during this particular trip. But sharing a quick sexual experience together can up the excitement factor of this already fun time. "Another important tool in every partner's repertoire is knowing how to get off and get your partner off in a very short period of time," says Brame. "In years to come—with jobs and kids constantly shredding your sexy-time schedule—knowing that you can squeeze in a quickie before bed or hop in the shower with your honey in the morning and both emerge clean and smiling will both help you keep your sanity and keep your marriage vibrant."

6. Try out tantric sex.

Tantric sex brings tried-and-true sexual experiences to the next level. So while you're on your honeymoon, try "using a few tantric breathing and kissing techniques, as well as positions," Van Kirk suggests. "Tantric techniques increase the level of emotional bonding. These are 1,500-year-old sex techniques that can help you be more orgasmic and feel closer to your partner."

7. Test out a fantasy.

You may have felt too timid before you tied the knot to share your sexual fantasies. "But now that you are married, it's time to open up a little more about your sexiest fantasies," Brame says. If you've been dying to try a little role play, your honeymoon could be the perfect opportunity to have sex on a beach, for example. "Revealing your sex fantasies means letting your partner into your mind, not just your body," explains Brame. "It may feel awkward at first, but it's a vital part of bonded intimacy. If you let your partner in, he will probably let you in too—and that kind of mutual understanding is the basis for a great marriage."

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