The Hottest Honeymoon Sex Stories, According to Real Brides

They include shower sex and a striptease

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Ever wonder what it will really be like in the bedroom on your honeymoon? If you've got your fingers crossed for a week of steamy, can't-keep-your-hands-off-each-other-for-two-seconds sex, then these brides have some good news to share. Because they're here to confess that their post-wedding days included some of the hottest sex they've ever had, some of which included a striptease and back-to-back orgasms. Read on for the details, but warning—this is definitely NSFW content.

"We got it on in the shower—an alfresco shower!"

One bride was delighted to find that the Napa Valley cottage she and her new husband had rented for their California honeymoon included an outdoor patio, complete with its own shower. "I was rinsing off after a relaxing afternoon spent by the pool when my husband surprised me by joining me in the shower," she says. "I didn't expect to get naked out there—after all, I was still in my bikini!—but pretty soon, we were both in our birthday suits going at it outdoors. There was something really sexy about doing it outside. I mean, no one could see us, but we definitely had to keep quiet so no one would hear us!"

"He focused on me the entire time."

On her wedding night, one bride got a very sexy gift from her new husband: two back-to-back orgasms before they had sex. "I went into our wedding night thinking, of course, we'd have sex, but that wasn't exactly new for us," she says. "So the surprise was that my husband didn't get straight to it—he laid me back and told me that he wanted me to enjoy myself first. And I did. Twice. If only every time was like that!"

"I did a striptease for my husband."

A few days into their honeymoon, one bride surprised her husband by sneaking into their hotel room's bathroom and slipping on some sexy lingerie and his button-down shirt. "I came out with the shirt buttoned up so that he couldn't see what was underneath," she explains. "I pushed him back onto the bed so that he was sitting at the edge, popped on some music and started unbuttoning the shirt. Let's just say he had trouble keeping his hands to himself and waiting for me to come to him as I kept taking items of clothing off."

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