6 Reasons to Do a Honeymoon Fund Instead of a Wedding Registry

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A honeymoon fund just might be the cure for couples with a serious case of wanderlust. For a big boost to your honeymoon budget, a honeymoon fund is a simple way to have family and friends cover travel-related expenses instead of choosing gifts from a traditional registry. From airfare to accommodations, sunset dinner cruises to kayak adventures, guests can choose from your curated honeymoon bucket list. With items at every price point, it's easy for gift-givers to fund honeymoon adventures that fit their budget and your tastes. Or, guests can join together to select a more expensive item as a group gift.

Plenty of couples have created a honeymoon registry instead of a traditional wedding registry, but is it right for you? Read on for six reasons why you should do a honeymoon fund!

1. Bliss out on Vacation Without Worrying About Money

When the wedding is over, all you'll want is a vacation. A little peace and quiet, some tasty food, and plenty of time for naps? Yes, please! And that time off is even sweeter when you're not covering all the costs yourselves, thanks to your honeymoon fund.

2. You Might Not Even Know What You Actually Need

Establishing a wedding registry is one of the wedding planning tasks that need to be done early on. At that point, you might not even know what you need. You have to know where you're going to be living, what your color scheme will be, etc., and if you don't have answers to those questions (yet), it makes creating a traditional registry a bit of a guessing game.

3. You'll Avoid Unwrapping, Packing, and Moving a Mountain of Gifts

After you get married, there's a lot to transition. If you're merging two homes, there's already enough to think about. Having a honeymoon fund instead of a traditional registry simplifies things. While you might need a lot of items for your new home, it can be easier to just go out and buy the items after you're all done moving.

4. You Already Have Too Much Stuff

If you've been living together for years, you probably already have all the housewares and linens you want, making a traditional wedding registry that centers on these things unnecessary.

5. A Honeymoon Fund Makes for Memorable Thank-You Cards

No matter how thankful you are, the task of writing wedding thank-you cards can become a bit repetitive and stale. Do you know what's not stale? Including a picture of you and your new husband living it up with the experience your guest gifted you. Chances are you'll already be taking a bunch of pictures of your top honeymoon moments. Did your aunt give you an unforgettable dolphin swimming session? Did your college roommate fund your ziplining trip? Print physical photos and include them when you send out their thank-you cards!

6. You Can Do a Honeymoon Fund and a Wedding Registry

More traditional wedding attendees (usually older relatives) either may not be tech-savvy enough to get to your honeymoon fund or might prefer to give you a physical gift. For some couples, then, it makes sense to put together a short and sweet traditional registry as a backup option for them. On your wedding website, be sure to play up your honeymoon fund by sharing details about where you'll be headed and what the two of you would love to do while you're there. Then, follow up with a quick note saying, "For those of you who would prefer to send us a more traditional gift, we are registered at..." and add the link to your other registry.

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