Can You Take Your Honeymoon Before Your Wedding?

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An intimate, romantic honeymoon with your hubby is the ideal way to wind down after a whirlwind wedding. But not every newlywed couple has the flexibility to take a weeklong vacation right after their big day. Many couples choose a postponed honeymoon, but is a pre-nuptial honeymoon the latest trend? Our etiquette experts weigh on the pros and cons of a pre-wedding honeymoon.

The honeymoon historically posed a chance for couples to cohabit post-nuptials in a tranquil, idyllic environment both to relax after the delirium of their wedding and to ease into marriage without the added pressures of life. However, many modern couples have already established a shared home well before their nuptials and feel no need to follow traditional practices. Your decision regarding your honeymoon is entirely dependent on your schedule, but taking a short period to celebrate your newlywed bliss may facilitate your transition into marriage. Abruptly decelerating from a euphoric year-long engagement and a blissful wedding may feel jarring or unpleasant to some brides, and a honeymoon is one manner of providing a cushion for the post-wedding letdown.

If your schedule truly doesn't allow for a protracted vacation, you may wish to consider taking a long weekend to relax after your wedding, a condensed version of the honeymoon commonly referred to as a "mini-moon." In addition, some couples choose to postpone the honeymoon until several months after the wedding, when they have time to truly enjoy the experience of exploring a new location and and their new relationship.

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