"Why I Didn't Take a Honeymoon Right After My Wedding"

Real brides reveal why they decided to not take a honeymoon after they said "I do."

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Yes it's customary to take a fabulous trip immediately after the big day, but many couples are opting to forgo the immediate honeymoon and soak up the newlywed life at home. Don't believe us? These seven couples were fine with breaking tradition and postponing their honeymoon. Here's what happened — and why.

"My husband and I got married the first week of September and did not take a honeymoon right after the wedding. We decided to wait because he was just starting his first semester of grad school and had to be back in class the Tuesday after the wedding. It made more sense to delay the trip until after finals. Looking back it was actually a blessing — we were both pretty sick after the wedding. I think just the stress, exhaustion and germs from spending a weekend with 100 plus people got to us! It's been nice to have something else exciting to look forward to when we'll have time to just focus on us. Next week we are headed to Mexico for a postponed honeymoon." —Caitlyn

"When my husband and I married 43 years ago we were a young military couple with little money. I made my dress; he wore a suit. Another military couple stood up with us at the base chapel where we were stationed in Idaho. Since in addition to little funds, we had limited leave time, we spent the night in a local hotel. Truth is — I met my soulmate. I have always said we would some day have a belated honeymoon when we were financially stable. When we both retired from successful careers we took two week-long trips to Aruba and The Dominican Republic." —Carol

"My husband and I co-founded EightSleep.com, launching our first product in February 2015 and got married in April. We decided not to go on a honeymoon. When you are managing and growing your own company, it's hard to plan for time off. The company was just a six-person team at the time, so we couldn't both be away. Fortunately we made up for it with shorter trips this year, and are still aiming to do our dream honeymoon to the Galapagos and Antarctica... someday!" —Alexandra

"Our honeymoon waited until three years after the wedding. Mainly because we had a long distance marriage so spending time together was difficult period. We celebrated finally living in the same state with a fabulous delayed honeymoon to Fiji." —Tami

"We'd been living together for six years so it didn't feel like a honeymoon was a big deal. We take trips together pretty regularly. In fact, two months before the wedding we vacationed in Hawaii." —Cheryl

"We got married around Christmas and since I had my six year old daughter home with us it wasn't a good time to take a romantic trip. The honeymoon was delayed to when my ex-husband had my daughter for a month during the summer." —Lisa

My husband and I decided not to go on a honeymoon so we could focus on my goal of opening a small business. Two years later I finally opened Love Lane Salon in downtown Jersey City. Since we're both hair stylists and even work together part time, he fully recognized and supported my dream. We don't regret our decision to save money and stay local. Maybe in another two years we will finally be able to get away! " —Kristina

"Planning and experiencing the wedding was such a massive, adrenalin-fueled enterprise that we simply didn't have the energy to plan something else huge — like a honeymoon — too quickly. Five months after the wedding we jetted to the Caribbean for sea, sun and romantic bliss." —Gina

Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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