The Biggest Home Decor Trends for 2018

Everything you need to make your digs Insta-worthy

Updated 01/22/18
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New year, new home decor? While some of us are looking forward to a fresh start this year by way of new year's resolutions that involve losing weight, eating healthier, get your finances in order, etc etc. Others of us are trying to get our apartment or house looking Insta-worthy in 2018, and honestly, although perhaps a big undertaking (depending on where you're starting)—it's possibly a lot more fun of a goal to focus. Is it as practical? Maybe not, but hey, sometimes you gotta insert some fun amongst all your healthy new habits your sure to stick to this year (sure, maybe flossing didn't stick in 2017, but this could be your year!).

So where do you begin? For starters you should stay in check with what's cool now and what's going to be trending in the coming year. Of course, you can look to Pinterest for inspo, but if you're feeling a little out to sea with the amount of ideas that are out there and need a little extra push in the right direction, we've got you covered! We've been scouring the market and looking towards some of our favorite bloggers and decorators, to pick out what new home decor trends are really exciting us and ways you can pick them up via your registry, of course.

1) Patterned plants

Sure, everyone loves (and let's be honest, has been loving for years) a good ol' fiddle leaf fig. A FLF tree is a true design darling, and we get it--it's a classic. And lord knows you don't want to just throw possible years of TLC and keeping this houseplant diva alive just to replace it with something trendier, but maybe this diva deserves a friend. A punchier, patterned friend to be exact. There are tons of patterned plant options, but we're really digging this calathea and especially this cute little planter it comes in. Calathea plant, $52, The Sill

A couple more:

Calathea Rattlesnake Plant, $52, The Sill

2) A retreat from minimalism

Yes, we know, we will all most likely continue to see those perfectly curated, monochromatic, place-for-everything-and-everything-in-it's-place, white painted floor, negative space homes that have been flooding our Pinterest feeds for what feels like years. BUT we're excited to see a teeny bit of maximilism peeking over the horizon...time to inject more color, pattern, and various collections of whatever you feel like collecting--vintage birdcages? Go for it! Brass objets? OK!

One easy way to insert some maximimalism? Prints, prints and more prints. Stick a throw pillow of the same color palette but a different pattern on this chair and you have yourself a par-tay. Minara-Printed Elowen Chair, $448, Anthropologie

Colors! Pattern! Texture! Warm Kilim Woven throw pillow, $47.99, World Market

3) Industrial details

We love anything that feels mid-century, and that resurgence has been going strong the past few years--but we do love a good industrial detail as well. Think: Hairpin legs, lots of wood and metal, and exposed bulb lighting.

A modern take on a classic industrial style lamp, we love the simple design and sleek, no-fuss shape. Hudson Industrial Desk Lamp, $52.24, Target

Hairpin legs 4 lyfe. Dylan Dining Table, $999, CB2

If you've got an all white space that needs a little warmth, these barstools will do the trick to mix up your otherwise modern bar or island! Adjustable Stools, $99.99, World Market

4) Wicker/rattan

Wicker and rattan have been kicking around in popularity for decades, but we're seeing a real resurgence as of late. No longer just for summertime and outdoor lounging, these materials are feeling fresh and modern and year-round.

We want to throw a sheepskin over the back of this and maybe a colorful pillow or two--and it will fit into almost any decor style! Palms Rattan Chair, $598, Serena and Lily

If you're in the market for a bed, we highly suggest considering this bad boy. Your room will instantly feel at once cozier and airer, win-win. Curved Rattan Bed, $1,798.00 –$1,998.00, Anthropologie

We love an oversized pendant, and this one is no exception. *Nassa Basket Pendant, $299, CB2

5) Animals and bugs

We have long been fans of the whimsy around incorporating animal and insect motifs into your home decor, and have been noticing it trending recently--the bugs may not be for everyone, but we kinda love it.

Butterflies, beetles, and ladybugs oh my! A subtle way to bring in bugs, but maybe make sure you're giving your guests a heads-up so you don't startle them when you finish their food and get to the bottom of their plates. Insect Glass Plate, $40, Untitled Homeware available at Barney's

Looking like it just walked out of a fairytale, with carved deer legs that double as actual legs, this buffet is nothing if not a conversation piece. Land and Sky Buffet, $2,998, Anthropologie

At first glance it seems like a sleek, white, modern bench--a perfect way to add a little playfullness to your decor even if you have a streamlined aesthetic. Gallop White Vanity Bench, $599, CB2

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