25 Hinge Couples To Make You Believe in Love Again

And if you too are a Hinge success story, you can get free stuff!

Eight couples who met on Hinge

Courtesy of Hinge

We get it — in 2020, dating can suck. It doesn't matter if you're a serial swiper or seeing one person regularly, all the think pieces and second-hand (or first-hand!) horror stories sometimes make us seem like a post official-relationship society. But Hinge, which markets itself as “the relationship app,” is committed to making us all believe in love and romance again.

"The world of dating and the way in which people meet for sure has changed, and there’s probably no going back," says Olivia Abramowitz, Hinge’s VP of Marketing. "But that doesn’t mean that meaningful relationships can’t be formed through more modern means."

And they've got the receipts, ladies and gentlemen. Today, Hinge launches its "Power Couples" list, a roster of 25 partners who met on Hinge, built long-term relationships, and aren't afraid to call them that.
(Hinge says the pairs were selected based on two criteria: When they were single their Hinge profiles received lots of likes, and they're all successful young professionals positively impacting their industries.)

"I think the conversation and media around dating apps is not always the most positive," says Abramowitz. "But they're very focused on the time you spend on the app — swiping, having bad conversations. At Hinge, we want to get our users off the app and on amazing dates that lead to lasting relationships."

Hinge really sets itself apart in celebrating these enduring attachments as opposed to the quasi-successful hook-ups associated with its pervier peers. "We're curating a community of people who want more than mindless games," the app says in a press release. "They've shared six photos or videos and answered three personality-revealing questions. Members engage with a specific photo, video or answer to a question, which leads to more natural, human conversations. Compared to the old 'swiping' version of Hinge, Members are now having 5x the conversations and going on dates 5x more frequently."

And once Hinge fulfills its purpose, that doesn't necessarily mean good-bye.

The idea for the “Milestone Market," the first ever digital dating pop-up store "designed to celebrate and reward major relationship milestones – from the very first sleepover to engagements, weddings and babies" was an attempt at extending the Hinge community, says Abramowitz.

In the name of love, eleven brands—including Casper, Rent the Runway, Minibar and Barkbox—are offering couples who met via Hinge free gifts . And we're not talking "free gifts," like the cheap logo pen and stationery set your bank gives you for opening a new account. They've got items ranging from $50 to more than $200 in value.

Major “relationship” milestones and rewards include:

  • Sleeping over = Sweet dreams with 2 Casper pillows (one for each)
  • Making it exclusive = A Goby Brush Kit to keep at his, or hers
  • Meeting the parents = Toast the future with Minibar wine
  • First birthday together = Mark the occasion with Shahla Karimi birthstone earrings
  • First home = ‘Home’ cooked meals from Plated
  • Getting a dog = Monthly toys and treats from Barkbox
  • Engagement = Jump-start the wedding gifts with Zola registry credit
  • The Wedding = Showcase picture perfect memories with a personalized Framebridge frame

The Honeymoon = Spice it up with We-Vibe Sync couples vibrator

First Anniversary = Celebrate in style with Rent the Runway

The baby! = Collector’s edition, ‘Made by Hinge’ Onesie

For seven days, Hinge couples can redeem the gift associated with their milestone on IRL, Hinge’s Online Magazine, by verifying they met on Hinge, and sharing their story in an Instagram post tagging @Hinge and the corresponding partner. Though each gift is available in limited quantity, partners will provide discounts for their products ranging from 10 - 50 percent should things sell out. The couple with the best Hinge success story will win a Casper Mattress at the end of the week.

Even if you can't cash in on the above, there's a wealth of knowledge to be mined from each of the couples below.

"What we found is that not one of our power couples just went to a nice dinner or got drinks at the bar on the corner," explains Abramowitz. "The common thread was that each date was quirky, fun, and unique in some way. These people put in that little extra effort in order to have success in their dating lives."

So single or otherwise, if dating has started to feel more like a task than a treat, we hope you find some inspiration in their stories. I've already shared this link with boyfriend Matt...

1. Lizzie & Chris, New York City

Hinge Power Couple
Courtesy of Hinge

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
For our first Hinge date, we met at a bar in New York, where we both live. We found a couple of seats in the window and ordered drinks. Conversation was easy; it felt like I was talking to my best friend. We shared stories about our experiences traveling and our favorite restaurants, we even realized we had been at the same party a few months prior. After about three hours of talking, laughing, and cocktails we realized how late it was and decided to call it a night. Chris was a gentleman and walked me to cab, only forgetting to pay our check at the bar. I realized what had happened but hoped Chris was just sneaky about it and somehow dealt with the transaction on his trip to the bathroom. The next morning, I received a text saying, "Had such a great time that I totally forgot my credit card at the bar". We have been inseparable ever since that Hinge date and are now happily married. In our time together he has never again left his credit card at bar. I guess he must have been distracted that night!

Lizzie’s Education: Brown University, Columbia University
Lizzie’s Occupation: Manager of Instruction, General Assembly
Chris’ Education: Vanderbilt University, Georgetown Law
Chris’ Occupation: Senior Counsel, Blue Apron

2. Alex & Dylan, San Francisco

Relationship Stage: We’re Engaged!
We recently traveled to Greece and Germany to celebrate Dylan's graduation from residency. I planned to propose on the trip but wanted to find a ring from a store in the Greek Islands. Dylan visited a mom & pop jewelry store in Paros to try on rings and get a sense of what he liked. I stood outside the ring store (pretending!) to be disinterested. I overheard the whole conversation and snuck back to the store later in the day to buy a ring. That afternoon we traveled to Mykonos for the rest of the week. Our hotel put on a sunset show every night on the pool deck and I decided this would be a perfect spot to pop the question. After another day or two of planning and working with the hotel, I arranged for them to bring us up on stage during the show and turn a microphone over to me! I then asked Dylan to marry me in front of a crowd of ~50!! We celebrated with champagne and an amazing dinner with friends who happened to be in Mykonos as well.

Alex’s Education: Amherst College
Alex’s Occupation: Head of Partnerships and Account Management
Dylan’s Education: Stanford, Harvard
Dylan’s Occupation: Emergency Room Physician

3. Pietro & Rachel, Los Angeles

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
Our most meaningful date was when we attended the first ever sleepover for grown ups at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. We had so much fun having the whole Museum (almost) all to ourselves all night long. We scoped out dino skeletons with our flashlights, learned about frog poisons, ditched a live animal feeding demonstration (when I quickly learned by future wife wasn't a fan of watching owls eat mice!), had fresh baked cookies at midnight, and slept on incredibly uncomfortable cots underneath a giant squid fighting a whale. We got no sleep, but left the next morning with a ton of memories, and the biggest smiles on our faces, each knowing we had spent an amazing night with our best friend and soulmate.

Pietro’s Education: Yale University, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Pietro’s Occupation: Attorney at Proskauer Rose LLP
Rachel’s Education: Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Rachel’s Occupation: Associate Principal Counsel at Marvel Studios

4. Merary & Jon, Nairobi, Kenya

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
Our most meaningful date after we matched on Hinge was a day I'll never forget. We went to Governor’s Island in New York City, and Jon taught me how to ride a bike for the first time! We capped off the day with a picnic full of Laughter and Joy.

Merary’s Education: Barnard College
Merary’s Occupation: Vice President of HR, Andela
Jon’s Education: Columbia University, Fordham University
Jon’s Occupation: Director of Finance, Sun Culture

5. Peter & Jessica, New York City

Relationship Stage: We're Married!
About a year into our relationship we spent a day recreating our first five dates. I thought it was an engagement date. It was not. It was still an amazing day though, as we had not been back to any of those places. We had drinks at the first place we met, dinner at the first place we shared a meal, and saw the same band for the first concert we went to together.

Peter’s Education: Harvard University, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Peter’s Occupation: Senior Vice President, Simulmedia
Jessica’s Education: Colgate University, Harvard Business School
Jessica’s Occupation: Director, Unilever

6. Chelsea & Tom, New York City

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
After our third date, Tom was walking me back to my apartment when he suggested that we stop into a bar for just one more drink. I was having so much fun with him and I didn’t want the date to end so I agreed. I followed Tom into what I thought was just a random dive bar along the walk to my apartment. As soon as we walked in, Tom was enthusiastically greeted by the bouncer and all of the bartenders. There was Karaoke going on and when the guy running it saw us come in, he immediately brought Tom up to the front for a song. I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into and I didn't know if I should stay and cheer him on or sneak out the back!

Turns out that Tom has an amazing voice and he is very confident with a mic in his hand. Since that date, I've heard Tom sing countless times at Karaoke bars, in our apartment, on a long drives or just while we are walking down the street. He will sing anything from Frank Sinatra to Eminem. He's even brought out my voice too.

Chelsea’s Education: CPA, Tax Manager at KPMG LLP
Chelsea’s Occupation: NYU, University of Maryland
Tom’s Education: Columbia University, Boston College
Tom’s Occupation: CFA and CPA, Associate at Building and Land Technology

7. Sarah & Ryuk, New York City

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
One of our most meaningful dates was right at the beginning of our relationship. Nothing fancy but very memorable. It was summer in NYC and hot as can be so after walking around the city we went down to the Frying Pan, a floating barge on the water that serves food and drinks, and met up with a couple of my friends and a few of Ryuk’s, some of whom I was meeting for the first time. It was the first time I really felt like we were a couple. It was the perfect afternoon out on the water, some drinks and lunch in the sunshine, after which Ryuk took me to my first Korean BBQ experience. Ryuk is the first Korean I had ever dated and I was not familiar with his culture or their food! He told me about his family and how he grew up going with his parents to the type of restaurant we were dining at and how he was happy to now be sharing it with me. I felt like I was seeing a different side of him outside of the fun-loving guy I was used to. We then walked around Koreatown, popping in and out of various stores, so Ryuk could introduce me to some Korean desserts. I can still remember what we were both wearing that day.

Sarah’s Education: Bucknell University, Vermont Law School
Sarah’s Occupation: Senior Associate, Foundation & Government Relations, New York City Ballet
Ryuk’s Education: University of Virginia, Tulane University School of Medicine, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Ryuk’s Occupation: Associate, Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division

8. Chelsea & Evan, San Francisco

Relationship Stage: We’re Roomies!
After Evan started our first Hinge conversation with "Where do you fall on the cat vs. dog debate," and I replied "Someday I'm going to get one of each and name them Barnes & Noble." A connection was made.

Anyone who knows us would tell you - our silliness matches one another. We enjoy having "accent night" which entails us attempting to speak in different accents to each other for the entire evening (yes, we Instagram story these sometimes). We both feel that brushing our teeth is more fun when we dance in front of the mirror at the same time. We also both enjoy remixing popular songs with lyrics about our love to one another (Evan typically sings these while walking home after a few drinks). Other than that, we're just your typical couple that Netflix's and chills a lot.

We now live together and are plotting when to get a cat named Barnes and a dog named Noble.

Chelsea’s Education: Boston University
Chelsea’s Occupation: Co-founder of SMITH & STARR
Evan’s Education: Boston College Evan’s Occupation: Product Analyst at Pandora

9. Erica & Elton, San Francisco

Relationship Stage: We’re Roomies!
Within a week of our first date, we went on 3 more dates because we were so excited about each other. First was at a trendy wine bar, then ice skating in Union Square, and then a picnic in the park. Within a few months we were on a trip to Maui together!

Erica’s Education: Commodities Origination Manager, DTE Energy Trading
Erica’s Occupation: University of Pennsylvania
Elton’s Education: Boston University
Elton’s Occupation: Head of Sales, Suiteness

10. Ricki & Josh, Philadelphia

Relationship Stage: We’re Engaged!
Once we made our connection, we quickly realized we had a lot in common, and Josh suggested we go on a date. But not just any date - a running date. My immediate thought was, "There is no way I'm sweating and huffing and puffing on my first date with this cute boy." Instead, we met for drinks at our mutual favorite speak-easy in Philadelphia and bonded over our shared passion for mathematics. Two years later, Josh asked me on a run date again (to which I now happily agreed!) and that evening, after drinks at our favorite speak-easy, he proposed in Rittenhouse square. We now live together in Philly, and we are loving every moment of planning our wedding, coming up in May 2018.

Ricki’s Education: Emory University, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Ricki’s Occupation: Pediatric Hospitalist
Josh’s Education: Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania
Josh’s Occupation: University of Pennsylvania MD/PhD student

11. Marisa & Chris, Chicago

Relationship Stage: We have a Hinge Baby on the way!
Chris and I are both die-hard fans for not-so-awesome football teams. I was attracted to his Hinge profile because he was wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt, and I knew if he could stick with the Browns, he must be a good guy. We started chatting on Hinge and would always laugh, but due to our hectic lives and travel we did not meet in person until February. It was a cold Sunday afternoon and he had just flown home from a weekend trip but called to say he didn’t want to go another weekend without meeting me face to face. I told him I would agree to meet but that it was cold, and a Sunday so I would only meet if we could be casual in sweats because I did not want to get dressed up (even for a first date). He agreed, so I went over to his apartment in sweatpants (of course I showed up and he was all dressed up), we ordered in and watched TV — and although was our first date — it felt like we had known each other forever. 3.5 years later we have a baby girl on the way, due any day now. It is so insane how the app literally changes our lives.

Marisa’s Education: Fordham University
Marisa’s Occupation: Director of Marketing at BCV
Chris’ Education: Penn State, University of Illinois
Chris’ Occupation: Director at Alix Partners

12. Paul & Catherine, New York City

Relationship Stage: We’re Roomies!
Thanks to Hinge - within a couple months of dating, Catherine and I quickly became workout buddies. Given our backgrounds of college athletics (Catherine was a speed demon and captain of the Bates swim team and I played Football at Columbia) working out is/was a huge part of our daily lives. Equinox was hosting an extremely cool NYC-wide contest campaign and for one of our "dates" we teamed up for a competition where teams of one female and one male would pull a two tonne pallet of crates across the main deck of the USS Intrepid. We came in 2nd place out of well over 100 couples! Anywho - after a grueling bout of physical activity we were craving food and craving it fast. We grabbed one of our go-to, we need yummy food right now, meals and picked up a rotisserie chicken. As soon as we got home we plucked open the bird on the kitchen counter- and before you could say bock-bock I was digging in with my hands (probably the first time in our relationship at the time that I hadn't eaten with proper manners). By the time I realized, it was too late, but by the time I raised my head, low and behold, Catherine was digging in just as ravenously as I was - and when our eyes locked (food all over our faces)- we knew this thing was for real.

Paul’s Education: Columbia College
Paul’s Occupation: Finance Associate at Point72 Asset Management
Catherine’s Education: Bates College
Catherine’s Occupation: Legal Recruiter at Freshfields, Bruckhaus and Deringer

13. Mitchel & Rachel, Jersey City

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
About a year into our relationship, and almost immediately after Rachel received her Master's degree, she set out for Wyoming on a two-month adventure where she lived and worked on a family farm. After weeks of debating, I decided to purchase a plane ticket and surprised Rachel with a July 4th weekend visit. I drove over two hours through some truly beautiful, yet remote, scenery in order to get to the farm. The long car-ride provided me with plenty of time to think about Rachel and our current journey – and also provided me with plenty of time to worry about where the next rest stop would be (Spoiler: There weren’t any!). I could barely contain my excitement when I finally saw her waiting for me at the end of the driveway. Her tattered jeans and flannel shirt were certainly different from her typically stylish attire, but she still melted my heart. I was fortunate enough to share in a small part of her experience, watching her plant crops, feed chickens, milk cows and even do some serious manual labor. This trip and the time apart made me love her even more and eventually led to a beautiful marriage.

Mitchel’s Education: Rutgers School of Law, University of Michigan
Mitchel’s Occupation: Attorney at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP
Rachel’s Education: Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work, Rowan University
Rachel’s Occupation: Nutrition and Physical Activity Coordinator at Bronx Health REACH/Institute for Family Health

14. Erin & Ross, New York City

Relationship Stage: We’re Engaged!
I could tell from our early exchanges and first few dates that Ross was a genuine and fun guy. He made me laugh and feel special from the very first date. However, I knew I had a keeper when he showed up to my Saturday morning Zumba class. On our 3rd date (the night before), I had invited him as a joke, never actually expecting him to come. It was quite a sight seeing him try to keep up with the (mostly female) class. One of the most important qualities for me is a fun loving and open person - I realized I had found just that!

Erin’s Education: Colgate University
Erin’s Occupation: Buyer
Ross’ Education: Boston College
Ross’ Occupation: Consultant

15. Jennifer & Henry, Denver

Relationship Stage: We’re Engaged!
Henry & I matched on Hinge the same day we actually went on our first date. He messaged first and told me that he was going to the mountains that weekend, so if I wanted to meet up, it would probably have to be that evening. I was intrigued/rather annoyed that he was being pushy about it. So I met up with him.

We met for drinks at Denver Beer Co., a local craft brewery. Henry told me that he was about to embark on a 2+ year motorcycle trip with his friend around North, Central & South America... So clearly, this was not going to turn into anything, but we ended up getting dinner, then barhopping around and having an incredible night. We were still seeing each other when Henry left on his motorcycle trip. Eventually the allure of being on a motorcycle wore off, and he realized he wanted to come home to Denver to be with me.

Jennifer’s Education: Boston University
Jennifer’s Occupation: UX Designer, HomeAdvisor
Henry’s Education: University of Florida
Henry’s Occupation: Owner, Denver Motorcycle Shop

16. Kelsey & Evan, New York City

Relationship Stage: We’re Roomies!
When Evan asked me to marry him on our very first date, I honestly thought I wouldn't be going on a second date with him. The date turned into a really fun, but cocktail-filled night. Two and a half years later, it looks like I will be marrying him! We also have traveled to tons of places since we met: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cuba, Austin, Portland, Tucson, Chicago and we are going on a month-long roadtrip across the US in a few weeks!

Kelsey’s Education: Fashion Institute of Technology
Kelsey’s Occupation: Global Merchandising Manager at Coach
Evan’s Education: Wheaton College
Evan’s Occupation: Ad Sales Planner, A&E Networks

17. Alex & Anthony, New York City

Relationship Stage: We’re Roomies!
Our first date was very special. Not ready for the dinner date to end, we strolled around West Village, ultimately deciding to share some amazing Italian desserts at Pasticceria Rocco. To be honest, I think the only reason our first date came to a close was because the bakery kicked us out as they had to shut down for the night! From that night on, the two of us became practically inseparable. Whether it involves maniacally singing and dancing in our pajamas to the Hamilton soundtrack in the confines of our living room, seeking out the latest Instagram-vetted ube-flavored ice cream haunt, or unabashedly cuddling with our Miniature Schnauzer pup, Alex and I are always taken aback by how our fondness for each other manifests itself.

We like to think of our relationship as the perfect pairing: Alex, a somewhat goofy, pop culture-obsessed Midwesterner and myself, a tidy, diligent, and athletic Philadelphian. During the infancy of our relationship to present day, we continue to cherish each other's differences, challenge each other's ostensible claims, and build upon the universal beliefs of family, commitment, and levity that we hold so dear.

Anthony’s Education: Duke University
Anthony’s Occupation: Application Sales, Oracle Marketing Cloud
Alex’s Education: University of Pennsylvania
Alex’s Occupation: eCommerce Strategy, PepsiCo

18. Ali & Cole, Minneapolis

Relationship Stage: We’re Dating!
I think one of my favorite dates with Cole was in our first year of dating. We were at his house and he sent me out to get Chipotle for dinner for the two of us. When I came back, he had set up an entire outdoor movie experience in his backyard for us. Complete with projector, movie screen, couch and drinks. Not only that, but he remembered what my favorite movie was from a random conversation we'd had months earlier. So we ate Chipotle and watched "When Harry Met Sally" on a perfect summer night outside! It was then that I truly realized how thoughtful he can be and how he really pays attention to the little details even if I don't realize it.

Ali’s Education: Hamline University, Creighton University
Ali’s Occupation: Marketing Manager at Gander Outdoors
Cole’s Education: University of Minnesota
Cole’s Occupation: Recruiter at Insight Global

19. Jay & Rachel, Arlington, VA

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
Rachel and I have a connection that I think few share. As a 13-year-old, I went through cancer treatment so when I found out Rachel was a pediatric oncology nurse on our first date, I felt as though we'd understand each other on another level--I was right. On that date, we also found out how much we have in common, including our love of food. We both love to eat out around DC and love to cook alongside each other in the kitchen. We're a great balance for each other with Rachel being the better cook and myself being the better baker. Our time spent in the kitchen is some of our favorite time as we'll constantly break out into dance and have some great laughs. We fancy ourselves a good cocktail from time to time too and consider ourselves novice mixologists...most others wouldn't though. If not for our love of pushing each other in the gym, we'd have some weight to work off!

Jay’s Education: University of Maryland
Jay’s Occupation: Manager of Internal Communications, Marriott International
Rachel’s Education: Bachelor's in Nursing
Rachel’s Occupation: Pediatric Oncology Nurse

20. Arielle & Hugh, Washington, D.C.

Relationship Stage: We’re Engaged!
Our first date was also my first ever Hinge date! Safe to say, I was incredibly nervous.

I work in politics and was also incredibly busy at the time -- the 2014 Midterm Elections were right around the corner -- and I wasn't sure if I was even going to go. Hugh thoughtfully chose a bar that was walking distance from my office in Dupont Circle, and my wonderful colleagues gave me the boost of confidence I needed (and assured me they'd be at a nearby bar just in case) to walk through the door.

We spotted each other from across the bar and were pleasantly surprised when we both turned out to be Bourbon drinkers. The conversation flowed effortlessly, we had a ridiculous amount in common, and the rest is history :)

Arielle’s Education: The University of Michigan Arielle’s Occupation: Digital Strategist at Well and Lighthouse, LLC Hugh’s Education: Undergrad at Brown University, MBA at George Washington University Hugh’s Occupation: Senior Project Manager at IBM

21. Craig & Paul, Boston

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
Well, our first date lasted much longer than we both expected. We live in Boston and met up at the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons for drinks. Paul chose that location because it was equidistant to both of us. We started with a couple of drinks, but then had a couple more, and I really needed some food at this point, so I wouldn't get too tipsy. When the waiter came all and asked if we wanted something, all I could think of was carbs! We weren't even supposed to have dinner, but I ordered the pasta which happened to come with Lobster. Paul loves to tell the story about how it was the most expensive first date EVER! I did offer to pay and/or split the bill (and did so genuinely). It was a fun night for sure, and no regrets on ordering the pasta with lobster.

Paul’s Education: Villanova University
Paul’s Occupation: CFO at Soundtrack Group, Boston office
Craig’s Education: Princeton University, Columbia University
Craig’s Occupation: Luxury

22. Simon & Mona, Chicago

Hinge Power Couple
Courtesy of Hinge

Relationship Stage: We’re Married!
One of our favorite times early on was when Simon invited me over for dinner. I assumed he'd order takeout and watch our favorite lineup of shark tank. But much to my surprise I found him behind the kitchen counter handling a pasta maker cutting strips of fresh pasta. I thought to myself wow what a keeper - he cooks too! Now three years later it still warms my heart when he dons the apron.

Simon’s Education: University of Chicago, University of Maryland
Simon’s Occupation: Senior Manager of Data Science, United Airlines
Mona’s Education: Dermatologist
Mona’s Occupation: University of Illinois, University of Michigan

23. Tara & Craig, New York City

Hinge Power Couple
Courtesy of Hinge

Relationship Stage: We’re Dating!
When I think about a single date that meant the most to me, the first thing that comes to mind is the day after Valentine's Day last year. I had been working hard at school (and not sleeping a lot) and got myself sick enough that I wound up in the hospital. When Craig heard that I was sick, he left work, drove an hour to come see me in the hospital. He sat next to my hospital bed and held my hand. At night, he noticed that my mom was tired, so he told her he would stay and she could go home and rest. He brought me m&m’s for dinner (as per my request) and we spent the night watching movies in my hospital room and laughing. I was so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long, but he still stayed so I wouldn’t be alone. He slept in the crappy, uncomfortable chair next to my hospital bed, and didn’t let go of my hand the whole time. Compared to the fancy dates that he usually arranges, maybe this didn’t seem like much- but to me this was the most romantic gesture imaginable. I already knew I was lucky to have him, but I had never been more sure than I was that day. He proves it to me all the time in different ways. I really couldn’t be happier.

Tara’s Education: Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, University of Maryland
Tara’s Occupation: Dental Student
Craig’s Education: Fordham University (Valedictorian)
Craig’s Occupation: Baycrest, Finance/Sales and Trading

24. Lauren & Brent, San Diego

Hinge Power Couple
Courtesy of Hinge

Relationship Stage: We’re Engaged!
Love at first.... errrr second sight. Don’t get me wrong, our first date was great- he was early (!), texted to tell me so, and looked so darn cute standing outside the restaurant “pretending to do things on his phone”. But it was definitely our second date that sealed the deal. He invited me over for dinner, BBQed a local favorite “Cardiff Crack”- a marinated tri-tip known to be addictively delicious and... wait for it... coerced a few of his closest friends over to hang. WHAT? Second date?! Lucky for him, and me, I love people and I enjoy the challenge of being the only one in the place who doesn’t know everyone else. We spent the night dancing to Lionel Richie in the rain in his backyard before heading down to the neighborhood bar where he spun me around the dance floor. I don’t think I stopped smiling for hours. I still remember every detail of that night. I left that date thinking to myself... did I just find my One?

Lauren’s Education: James Madison University
Lauren’s Occupation: Account Manager, Omega Scientific, Inc.
Brent’s Education: San Diego State University, BS Business Marketing
Brent’s Occupation: Sales Manager, USAopoly

25. Janelle & Nicholas, Chicago

Hinge Power Couple
Courtesy of Hinge

Relationship Stage: We’re Roomies!
It was our third date together. We both come from Italian families, so he wanted to cook for me. I came over and he had made homemade pizza for me, which is my FAVORITE, and that's when I knew he was the one. It was a very simple and quaint night but holds a lot of significance for us to this day.

Nicholas’s Education: University of Illinois
Nicholas’s Occupation: Senior Art Director, FCB
Janelle’s Education: University of Illinois
Janelle’s Occupation: Account Manager, Conversant

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