This Just Might Be the Best Mattress for Couples (and Your Marriage Needs It)

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Updated 03/14/19


By now, we're sure that you've filled your wedding registry with everything you need to properly start your lives together as a married couple. But what about a new mattress?

Sure, you've added plenty of fluffy towels to replace those mismatched sets you've had since college, and all those pretty new decor pieces to help make over your space. But no home is complete without a mattress—particularly a good mattress, one that suits both you and your partner and supports dreamy, restful slumbers (as well as everything else that takes place in bed). So, where do you start? That brick-and-mortar mattress store where your parents bought theirs? Nope. Instead, you can start right here. Meet what just might be the best mattress for couples, the Helix.

When I was first introduced to Helix, I immediately wanted to give this bed a spin. Unlike traditional mattresses, Helix's business model is built on customization—a total must when you're mattress shopping as a couple. While one mattress might work for you (a five-foot-two side-sleeper), it probably won't also work for your partner (a five-foot-eleven stomach-sleeper). This is where Helix comes in.

Customize the Mattress to Fit Each of Your Needs

Helix can help you create a mattress customized to both you and your partner's individual sleep needs, making it quite possibly the best mattress for couples. First, you'll head to the Helix website where both you and your partner will each take a sleep quiz. You'll plug in the answers to simple questions like your height, weight, gender, and preferred sleep position and mattress firmness, and then the site will match you with the Helix mattress model that meets all your wants and needs. The questionnaire matched me, a five-foot-eight female who switches between side and stomach sleeping positions, with the Helix Dusk model, a medium-firmness mattress that contours to all body positions.

At the end of their questionnaire, couples may be offered a Dual Comfort option, which will blend together the two Helix models that best fit each person into one mattress. For example, if you match with the cloud-soft Helix Sunset model, while your partner requires the firmness of the more supportive Helix Dawn, your mattress will be split right down the middle with color-coded sides; one side sporting the traits of the Helix Sunset and the other half, Helix Dawn. This totally changes the game when it comes to sharing a bed. While compromises are a part of every relationship, no one should compromise on sleep, and Helix ensures you won't have to by creating a bed that is perfectly personalized to both people in the relationship—not just one or the other.

Courtesy of Helix

This means that both people are getting the best sleep possible with their mattress. And with sleep deficiency having the potential to lead to "trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change," according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, getting sufficient sleep can drastically improve your relationship and the start of your marriage—oh, and your sex life.

As reported by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, getting just one more hour of sleep per night could increase your libido by 14 percent. And Helix has that department covered, too, by the way. Helix mattresses are hybrid mattresses, meaning that they feature both pressure-relieving foam and body-contouring springs. This spring-and-foam combo means you'll get a restful cloud-like sleep but it won't sink like a traditional foam mattress when you're up to, ahem, naughtier deeds. Another check in the old "best mattress for couples" category.

Getting Your Mattress Delivered

Now that you're probably dying to get a Helix in your bedroom, once you've selected your ideal mattress, it will be shipped directly to your home in about a four-foot-tall box (a godsend for me and my hectic schedule, personally). When mine arrived, I simply opened the box and unrolled the mattress that was tightly tucked in plastic inside. It bloomed to its full size within the hour. You'll have a 100-day trial period (according to Helix, it takes about a month to properly break in a new mattress), but trust me when I say that you won't need it. I went from using a heating pad every other day due to constant lower-back pain to sleeping soundly and being pain-free within just a few days. The soft foam hugs my body's curves, while the inner springs offer serious support. Never will I ever go back.

SHOP NOW: A queen size is priced at $995, while the Luxe version (featuring zoned lumbar support, a premium quilted pillow top, and a cooling cover) is $1,620. The dual comfort option is an additional $195.

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