Heiress Andi Potamkin Accused of Faking $1 Million "Sham" Wedding as PR Stunt

Their event included private plans, Elizabeth Olsen, and a confusing dress code

Andi Potamkin, an heiress of the Potamkin Auto Group, and celebrity hairstylist William “Jordan” Blackmore had a wedding for the books back in 2015, with a lavish desert celebration in Canyon Point, Utah, that lasted four days and included everything from horseback riding to private planes. But according to the groom, it was all a “sham.”

According to legal documents obtained by the New York Post, Blackmore had no idea that his marriage to Potamkin wasn’t legal, as their wedding officiant, Dana Rizer, had allegedly been asked not to become legally ordained by Potamkin.

Blackmore, who is seeking $2 million in damages, claims that his spouse lied to Rizer to get her to go along with the scheme, telling her it wasn’t necessary as the pair were going to be “officially” married in New York ahead of the Utah affair—a step that a source for the Post says never occurred.

The hair guru also alleged that his would-be wife’s father, Alan Potamkin—whom Blackmore claims was worried about his hesitation to sign a prenup—was in on the “scheme,...actively” participating in and assisting his daughter despite the fact that Blackmore eventually signed the papers.

For Andi, there was allegedly another motive: good press.

“The truth was that Andi never wanted to marry Jordan; she just wanted a lavish wedding experience, a public-relations stunt, and the attention that came with it,” the documents state.

Attention, the couple most definitely got: Their wedding was attended by guests including Elizabeth Olsen and House of Cards star Alexis Nicole Smith, who stayed in suites that ran upwards of $2,600 to $4,350 per night.

During the day, the couple’s $1 million nuptials arranged for those in attendance to engage in hiking, “late-night poker and debauchery,” karaoke, movies “under the stars,” a barbecue and s’mores buffet, and lunch by the pool.

And in case that wasn’t enough, there was also yoga and watercolor painting.

The bride, who underwent “frequent outfit changes,” stunned in top-name designers, such as Dior and Oscar de la Renta—her jaw-dropping two-piece gown featured a button-up bralette top and an extravagant white-to-pink ombré skirt.

Guests, meanwhile, were instructed to wear only desert colors (parchment, dune ecru, and eucalyptus, to name a few).

After the ceremony, the supposed newlyweds embarked on a one-month, $25,000 honeymoon in California.

They didn't live happily ever after, however. Blackmore claims Andi allegedly broke up with him in December 2018 following an affair, at which point she revealed that their union was merely symbolic.

Blackmore's lawyer, Matthew Coogan, told the publication that his client "was shaken to his core by the discovery of what Andi and Alan Potamkin surreptitiously did to him."

Now, the Post reports that the twosome may actually be going through with a legal ceremony for the sole purpose of being able to legally separate with a potential financial settlement: According to the outlet, both Andi and Blackmore have filed papers to make their marriage legit.

“Both parties agree that they had a beautiful destination wedding, that they were very much in love, and that they lived together as husband and wife,” Andi’s lawyer, Jennifer Altman, said in a statement.

Minds, officially blown.

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