Heather Matarazzo and Heather Turman Are Engaged!

The "Princess Diaries" actress proposed on the beach

David Livingston

Shut up and listen...your favorite sidekick BFF from The Princess Diaries, Heather Matarazzo, is officially an engaged woman!

The 35-year-old actress popped the question to comedian Heather Turman on January 11 but kept it under wraps for a few days. The duo went public with their exciting engagement news via Instagram yesterday. Both shared the same three photos, which are taken from behind as the lovebirds sit on a beach (so, sadly, we couldn't get a glimpse of her ring) and feature Turman's reactions while Matarazzo proposes.

"I'm engaged to the absolute, unequivocal love of my life. I never knew I could find someone that matches me the way she does, in all ways...always," Turman captioned her Instagram post. As if sharing the same name didn't already make them a match made in heaven, she added, "If Hollywood is my pyramids, then she is my Fatima. This is it. #whenyouknowyouknow #secondtimesacharm."

Cue the Welcome to the Dollhouse dance break.

Matarazzo shared the love on her corresponding social media shoutout with a quote from The Alchemist: "'There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, ones dreams would have no meaning,' —The Alchemist," she wrote. In the next paragraph, she gushed about her new fiancée, saying, "We kept this to ourselves for a few days, but on 1-11, I asked...and she said yes. To death and back, I love you, Turman. #twinflame #engaged #thealchemist."

Their engagement date seems to hold special meaning for the newly betrothed couple. Turman shared a cute picture of the duo last July, captioning it, "H+E+A+T+H+E+R = 65. 6+5=11." This date choice may have been strategic on Matarazzo's part, and perhaps they'll tie the knot on another 11th of the month for good luck.

The couple started dating after they crossed professional paths in 2016 while working on the film Stuck. Turman co-wrote and produced the comedy, while Matarazzo starred in the flick. Turman shared an Instagram selfie of the two Heathers in October 2016, writing, "Such an honor sharing the screen with this one. An absolute PRO and a blast to work with @heathermatarazzo." In June 2017, Matarazzo shared another selfie of the duo, indicating their relationship status. "This is the ❤️ of my life. #happypride," she captioned the photo.

Two months later, Turman publicly declared Matarazzo her "soulmate" on Instagram. "Full circle with this woman. We wrote, produced and co-directed a series of 8 episodes of content, 24-pages in 3 days with 2 crew members a sound guy, and no additional hands. It was an insane amount of work, yet working with her couldn't be easier. We share the exact same vision, and have such a mutual respect for one another. I trust her eye and ear completely, and I know she trusts mine too. I love watching what she brings to the table creatively," Turman wrote.

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Matarazzo was once engaged in 2008 to Caroline Murphy, but the pair broke up in 2012. Looks like the second time definitely is the charm, according to Turman.

Congrats to Heather Matarazzo and Heather Turman!

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