How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance While Wedding Planning

Updated 08/19/15

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All work and no play makes you a super stressed bride-to-be (and a pretty moody one at that probably!). Juggling job responsibilities on top of your relationship, friendships, "me" time and exercise is already tough enough, but add wedding planning into the mix and that balance can quickly be thrown off. For the sake of your mental health and everyone else's though, it's absolutely essential to devise a plan that lets you strike a healthy work/life balance. Because wedding planning should be fun, right?

Set small, achievable goals

When you start to feel overwhelmed (and wedding planning can definitely do that to you!), Red Katz, best-selling author of Live Your YOUlogy, recommends taking baby steps. "Keep breathing, and don't paralyze yourself," he says. "Set simple and achievable goals like, 'Today, I'll call the band.'"

Try the buddy system

The last think you want to do is isolate yourself while wedding planning. Choose a friend, not a relative, Katz advises. "Someone that's one step removed from the details who can support you, calm you down and help you vent and process information." You're going to need it, trust us.

Get some sleep

As Whitney English, creator of Day Designer for Blue Sky collaboration, points out, it's easy to get consumed in the fun and fanfare and all the little details of planning your big day, so much so that sometimes you literally have to remind yourself to stop! "Sleep is always your first line of defense," she tells us. "That necessary eight hours a night will keep your immune system healthy and strong. Remember: planning a wedding is a marathon, not a sprint!" And burnout doesn't look good on anyone.

Don't let your exercise routine fall through the cracks

Life may get hectic, but whatever you do, don't toss your exercise routine to the curb! "It's fuel for both your mind and body and triggers adrenaline, which can keep you fueled for the next step in the planning process," notes Katz. When things go wrong, as they always do, English suggests going for a brisk walk or jog to help release endorphins and get you back in the right mindset/headspace.

Set aside time specifically for wedding planning

Planning a wedding is insanely exciting, yet it can also be super distracting. "If you're working a full time job or are busy with school, you'll want to be disciplined about your wedding planning in order to prevent frustrations from popping up in other areas of life," warns English. "Sunday night is always a great time to look ahead and block out wedding time for the coming week."

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