5 Surprising Ways Marriage Is Good for Women

man and woman smiling


Numerous studies have shown that marriage is good for men's health, but it turns out that women also get to reap some pretty sweet rewards too. Check out these stand-out benefits (and think about moving up your wedding date).

It's Good for The Heart

Heart disease is top cause of death for women, but amazingly, married women may experience greater heart health. According to a large Finnish study, single women are two-thirds more likely to suffer from a heart attack than married women.

It Keeps Your Body Weight Healthy

While, yes, most studies indicate that both sexes tend to put on weight after marriage (and we're just talking about statistical averages here), research shows that married women are less likely to succumb to unhealthy body weight gains or losses than their unmarried friends.

It Eases The Mind

A Cardiff University's School of Medicine study found that while men may reap many physical health rewards from marriage, the sweet spot for women may be improved mental health. In happy marriages, women have decreased risk for anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges—even more so than married men, according to some research.

It's Good for Your Bank Account

According to some research, married women tend to earn more money than single women. (And, one study found that men are more attracted to women with higher salaries and career stability, so good going, married gals!)

It Lowers Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Several studies over the past years indicate that married women are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than single women.

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