Haylie Duff and Fiancé Matt Rosenberg Are Expecting Their Second Child

Two-year-old Ryan's going to be a big sister!

Updated 01/05/18

Tiffany Rose/Getty Images

Haylie Duff is about to have one more mouth to feed in her Real Girl’s Kitchen. The actress and cooking-show host announced on Instagram on Friday that she and fiancé Matt Rosenberg are expecting their second child together.

"Round 2! Ryan thinks our new baby is growing in HER belly! 💕 #FamilyOf4," Duff captioned a photo of two-year-old daughter Ryan Ava Erhard making a silly face and pointing to her stomach.

Duff, who welcomed Ryan in May 2015 and regularly graces her followers’ Instagram feeds with adorable pictures of her princess-obsessed daughter, has previously spoken about her desire to expand her and Rosenberg’s family. "I would love to have a huge family. I feel like it was just [sister Hilary Duff and me] growing up, and if we had our choice, we would have these big, crazy families. But you actually have to have all those babies. I cannot do that," she told Us Weekly in November. "I do love the idea of a big family."

The 32-year-old also spoke to Us Weekly about how she and Rosenberg, who proposed in April 2014, co-parent successfully. "The truth is, I have a very helpful partner, so it’s never 'You have to do this and I have to do that.' It’s not delegated that way," she said in December. "It’s all hands on deck. I feel really lucky that I have somebody who wants to do things with [Ryan]. Our bedtime routine, sometimes there’s both of us, which is really nice. I guess I could try to make him cook more, but I don’t know if anybody really wants that!

I tend to be the one doing all of the meals."

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