What to Do When You Hate Wedding Planning

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Let's be real: Wedding planning can be a pain. And for some brides with busy lives and an aversion to organization, that pain can quickly turn to stress and, yes, even hatred. "I've found that brides are very overwhelmed at the very beginning of the planning process," explains Melissa Samek, owner of Clementine Custom Events. "Because they haven't done this before, they don't know the first thing to do when planning a wedding."

So what's a problem-planning bride to do to get ready for "I do?" Focus on what you find fun. "For those brides who aren't into the planning process, I like to find out what part of the wedding they are most excited about—music, food, décor—and we'll start the planning there," says Samek. If you don't have a planner, start with your own list, topping your to-dos with the tasks you'll find most enjoyable. It's easier to get excited about any project when you're interesting in what you're doing.

Then, commit to wedding planning like you do date nights — regularly, but with specific days and times in mind. Brides who don't relish in the planning process should avoid binge planning sessions. "I like to ensure we take our time with the planning process so that it does not get to be overwhelming," Samek says. "Be sure to take a break from the wedding talk and do something fun with your future hubby or plan a girls' night out."

And don't be afraid to delegate. Being in the company of bridesmaids can make assembling welcome bags and favor bags so much more fun. "Planning a wedding is too much for one person," Samek says. "Get close ones involved, and it will make the process more tolerable."

Still gritting your teeth when it comes to wedding planning? Then consider these two extra tips from Samek:

— Stay organized. "There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding and the more organized you are during the planning process, the less stressed you will be in the end," she says. "Keep things organized by vendor category and make checklists so you don't forget anything!"

— Don't sweat the small stuff. "It's perfectly normal to worry about every single detail of the wedding, but you have to remember what your wedding day is all about," Samek says. "Enjoy every minute of it and don't worry if something goes wrong — no one will know!"

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