Actress Haley Lu Richardson Shares How She Proposed to Brett Dier

And how the sweet moment is represented in her engagement ring

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What puts a proposal over the top? One word: pizza.

Look no further for proof than actress Haley Lu Richardson's proposal to Brett Dier, who plays Michael on Jane The Virgin. The actress recently revealed to Cosmo the adorable and spontaneous way she popped the question to her boyfriend. (And kudos to Richardson for embracing the growing trend of women proposing to men.)

"I didn’t prepare at all," Richardson told Cosmopolitan. "I had no idea when I woke up that morning that I was going to ask someone to marry me that day. I was totally in the moment and this gut feeling came up and coerced me to ask him to marry me and I did."

That gut feeling apparently came up in a mall food court, when Richardson popped the question. (Who do we petition to turn this into Netflix's next rom-com?)

“And he said yes,” Richardson continued. “I feel like the trick to that was just not thinking about it at all before it happened. I just kind of did it.”

According to Instagram the two met over five years ago in New Orleans. And it sounds like the sight of her man eating pizza really pushed her to make that move.

"We were at this outdoor strip mall eating pizza when it happened,” she said. “When we were crying and having this really amazing moment that I’ll never forget, crying and holding each other and saying oh my gosh, we’re going to get married, we’re going to be together forever, we were like, we’re gonna have to do something about it because we didn’t have any rings. So we went over to this bush and got these twigs and each knelt down one at a time and tied these twigs around our ring fingers. We have them saved in a little baggie."

She continued, "My engagement ring now, it’s custom made, it’s a really simple ring but it’s engraved like a twig."

Richardson broke the news of her engagement to Entertainment Tonight Canada in March of 2018, where she addressed why she still calls Dier just her boyfriend.

“He doesn’t like the word fiancé because he thinks it sounds pretentious, so we’re still just boyfriend and girlfriend, I guess just engaged ones.”

A few months later Dier told ET Canada more about his engagement ring and their wedding plans. He showed off his new bling, swearing the tricolor band is one part meteor, one part dinosaur bone, and one part gold, with the inside being lined by whiskey barrel wood. He added that they want to get married in Sedona, Arizona, because it “looks like Mars and we both think we are from outer space.”

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Despite them apparently traveling light years to find each other, Dier still knew Richardson was the one from the very beginning.

“The second, well not the second, maybe like 12 seconds in, I knew she was the one because I’ve never met anyone like her before,” he said. “She’s so free and such a beautiful person and I just couldn’t imagine any other person made for me—like she’s just the perfect person. She makes me a better person, she’s always supportive, and it’s just like this endless love we have for each other. I know that sounds so lame but it’s true.”

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