Gwyneth Paltrow Says Her Massive Engagement Ring Could Double as a Yoni Egg

Maybe don't try this at home, kiddos

George Pimentel

Last night, the newly-engaged Gwyneth Paltrow—actress and CEO behind her own holistic lifestyle brand Goop—visited the ever-entertaining, ever-nosy Colbert on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her latest "Sex and Love" issue of Goop magazine. The two quickly began a discussion on yoni eggs, and whether or not the ginormous sapphire engagement ring given to Paltrow by fiancé producer Brad Falchuk could be used as one. If you, like me, needed to Google, "What the heck is a yoni egg?" I'll save you the effort and explain here.

The word yoni is Sanskrit for "sacred place" and refers to female genitalia, specifically the womb and the vagina. As you may have surmised, a yoni egg is typically a jade, oval-shaped stone that women are encouraged to insert into their yonis. You can read a more detailed explanation in this Goop Q&A in which healer Shiva Rose explains that the benefits of yoni eggs include "cultivating sexual energy, clearing chi pathways in the body, intensifying femininity, and invigorating your life force."

When Colbert asks Paltrow about her ring's potential to double as a yoni egg, she enthusiastically responds, "Hell yeah! Hell yeah!" (But we're not recommending you try it at home, friends.) What follows this moment is a slightly more awkward discussion of Paltrow's extremely amicable relationship with ex-husband Chris Martin. Colbert even shares a photo of a recent social media post from Paltrow that features a smiling Martin and Falchuk seated side by side at a table with the caption "Sunday brunch #modernfamily."

It arguably gets a little too weird when Paltrow says Martin is "like her brother" and Colbert shoots back, "Well, it's just hard to describe somebody you had children with as your brother..." So, if you're just interested in the yoni eggs chat, fast forward to 4:45. Then, see if you can tell who's blushing hardest between Paltrow, Colbert, and yourself.

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