Your Go-To Guide for Going Braless on Your Big Day

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It's your wedding, and you can wear what you want... or not! It's no secret bras can be annoying and well, downright uncomfortable, so if you'd rather go without on your big day, we fully support that. But remember, your girls need the proper support too. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on ditching your bra on the big day.

Know your breasts

While size matters in the sense that brides with a larger chest will likely have a harder time rocking the look, bra expert and author Elisabeth Dale says that firmness is a better measure of whether or not you can or should go braless. "Cup size is related to band size, so the volume of someone with 40C breasts may be the same volume as someone that's a 38D or 36E bra wearer," she explains. "Someone with firmer tissue or who doesn't have bottom heavy breasts, which is quite normal in many women, will find it easier to pull off." Still unsure? Try on your gown sans a bra and see if there's a lot of unwanted movement. If so, you'll probably need the added support.

Wear nipple covers

Structured wedding gowns and dresses that hug the body tight, like a lot of strapless and lace styles, can typically be worn without a bra, says Dale. "Dresses that are cut on the bias (think silky dresses), however, definitely require some coverage." For example, a clingy, form-fitting silk gown will literally show everything if not paired with nipple covers, she warns. High beams on your walk down the aisle aren't exactly what you want your guests to notice.

Have double-sided tape handy

Wedding dresses with plunging necklines are all the rage right now, but just because you don't necessarily need a traditional bra with yours doesn't mean you should shirk all help in the breast department. As Dale points out, sometimes tape is still essential to keep things in place, particularly since you'll be dancing and moving around a lot on your big day. Sweat and warm weather can encourage tape to come off quicker, so be sure to have an emergency kit on hand with extras in case.

Consider getting cups sewn in

Not a fan of bras, yet could use some support? Dale recommends asking your seamstress to sew cups directly in your dress. "Spend the extra money to have the support built in," she advises. The costs and results will be similar to that of a regular bra, except you won't feel like you're wearing one. And that's the idea, right?

Make sure you're completely comfortable

With going braless, that is. The girls should feel safe and secure, and so should you. By no means should this be your first rodeo either. In other words, if you've never gone without, your wedding day definitely isn't the time to start, cautions Dale.

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