5 Types of Groomsmen You'll Find at Every Wedding

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No two weddings are alike, but it seems like the same types of people are always standing by the groom's side. On the one hand, you've got the trusty married man who keeps everyone else in line (or at least tries) and on the other, you've got the single and super ready-to-mingle friend who can't take his eyes off all the bridesmaids. Here are the five most common types of groomsmen you'll find at every wedding.

The Party Starter

This guy can barely contain his excitement throughout the ceremony, as he's just itching to get out there on the dance floor and get the party started. He's fun-loving, loud at times but definitely the dude you want around because he keeps all the other guests moving and grooving to the music. He can also make small talk like it's his job, which is a wonderful skill to have at a wedding. The only time you'll actually see him leave the dance floor is to refill his drink, duh.

The Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle Groomsman

You know that one groomsman you warn all your single bridesmaids about? Well, this is that guy. He's on a mission to make out (more if he can find someone willing, of course) with any gal who will give him the time of day at the wedding. He relies on a lot of liquid courage, and watch out, because chances are he can be quite the charmer. Either that or he turns into a total hot mess after too many beverages.

The Responsible One

Chances are, he's also the best man. He likely organized the entire bachelor party, is set to give a speech the day-of, and has been besties with the groom since they were on the same soccer team in middle school. You definitely don't have to worry about him getting wasted on Jack Daniels the day-of. He's clean-cut, his wife and the bride-to-be are also close, and he all-around has his you-know-what together.

The Serial Groomsman

He's been in at least 27 weddings (okay maybe we're exaggerating a little here) already! Thank goodness he doesn't have to buy a new tux every time, though, or this dude would literally be broke. He's friends with everyone, and it's easy to see why; he's such a nice, outgoing, and a generally great guy. You can count on him to show up on time, deliver a solid speech if need be, and entertain a room of total strangers. Plus, he looks pretty darn good in a suit, too. By now, he has the whole groomsman duties thing down pat, which is just an added bonus.

The Overachiever

Oh yes, there's always one at every wedding. He takes his job as a groomsman very seriously and always wants to give a speech or toast, which he's probably practiced every day for the past month leading up to the wedding. No way this guy's just winging it! His gift to the bride and groom will outshine everyone else's, too, because that's just how this groomsman rolls. Let him plan the bachelor party and it's sure to be something epic with a billion activities.

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