From a Beer Bar to a Cigar Bar: 5 Cool Reception Ideas to Impress Your Groom

Updated 04/23/14

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Your groom patiently listened as you debated the merits of off-white versus cream invitations. And he agreed when you wanted to splurge on flowers (even though he secretly thought it was way too much to spend since they wouldn't last more than a few hours). So, don't forget that the wedding day is just as much his as it is yours. Let your guy have his moment by creating a space at the wedding that's especially for him. Maybe it's a cocktail bar stocked with his favorite whiskeys or a special spot in the lounge with boxes of his beloved cigars — here, a few of our favorite groom-centric ideas.

Beer Bar (above): Create a self-serve bar where guests can help themselves to bottles of the groom's favorite local beers and microbrews. Fill several aluminum tubs with ice and bottles of beer, then position them near the cocktail-hour action.

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Scotch and Darts: Carve out a space at the reception to create a gentlemen's lounge stocked with a dart board and his favorite bottles of scotch. (Be sure to put it in an area where there's less foot traffic!)

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Tequila Bar: If your guy is into tequila, stock the bar with his favorite bottles, along with shot glasses and wedges of lime. It's also a great idea if you're having a destination or beach wedding.

Bourbon Bar: Or, if he's a bourbon kind of guy, set up a tasting bar with his favorite small-batch varieties, plus lots of garnishes like crushed ice, fresh mint, lemons, and limes. You could display the bourbons in their bottles, of course, or pour them into decanters with calligraphed labels tied around the neck. Display the bourbons during cocktail hour on an elegant table or on aged oak barrels.

Cigar Bar: Surprise your groom with a cigar station at the reception. After dinner, your wedding planner can put the boxes of cigars in your outdoor lounge space, where smoking is allowed. Or, if an entire cigar station seems like a bit much, have waiters offer the groom and his groomsmen his favorite cigar after dinner.

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