Groom Walks Through 10-Inch Snowstorm to Wedding Ceremony

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Updated 12/13/18

Jessica Byrum / Stocksy United

Texas isn't typically known for inclement climate, but every so often it gets a bout of bad weather. For one Lone Star State groom, it couldn't have come at a worse time: A 10-inch snowstorm nearly prevented him from making it to his wedding.

On December 8, Val and Andrea Hernandez were set to tie the knot in Lubbock, Texas, when the town experienced its worst snowstorm since 2014. For residents, the 10 inches of snow that accumulated meant a day of chaos and dozens of roadblocks for drivers.

“When it started snowing, it came down pretty good," Val told The Sentinel Echo. "When I woke up in the morning, I looked out the window and saw it snowed a lot more than I thought," he said.

The couple had planned a 10 a.m. wedding, so a morning of obstacles meant a panic-ridden bride and groom. One of Andrea's bridesmaids got her car stuck in the snow right before the ceremony.

“Her car got stuck and completely went sideways. I just gave up hope and did not think we were going to make it until her car turned straight. [Val] told me jump to in," said Andrea.

But their luck got worse: The groom then faced his own car troubles and was forced to walk through 10 inches of snow to get to the church. A neighbor happened to catch the groom and his best man trekking through the snowstorm on camera, and was shocked to learn later that they were doing so to make it to the ceremony.

"I just wanted to marry her, I wanted her to be my wife, and knew the endgame was the best part," said Val, adding that even though his situation was less than ideal, nothing could stop him from making it to his wedding. "I was nervous, I was wet, and everything, but once I saw her walking down the aisle, it all went away and all I could think about was how happy we were going to be together."

Despite the unfortunate weather, the bride and groom told the publication that they wouldn't have had their wedding any other way.

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