Groom's Sister Plans Gender Reveal Party for the Same Day as His Wedding

Rude much?


Two feuding siblings have the Internet weighing in on their drama after one groom asked for perspective about a disagreement he had with his sister.

Posting in a Reddit forum called “Am I the A**hole,” the newlywed husband revealed that he had recently gotten upset at his sister for planning a gender reveal party on the same day as his wedding—and failing to tell him.

“I found out that my sister had planned a gender reveal party at my grandparents' house for the same day as my wedding. And NOBODY told me,” he wrote.

What’s more, she stole his guests from his post-reception after-party. “The after-party was set up so that we could actually spend real time with our friends and family instead of all the stiff formalities of the reception,” he wrote. “Not a single member of my family stayed. ... Nobody showed up to my party. Nobody even apologized for not coming. I had wanted to spend quality time with my family, but instead, they all left.”

The groom added that in addition to raining on his parade, his sister hadn’t thought to invite him to her gender reveal. “Nobody bothered to ask if I wanted to go,” he wrote.

Even more heartbreaking? He had made the decision to host a ceremony rather than elope, as his bride suggested, in hopes of seeing all of his relatives in one place.

“My family all lives spread out across the county,” he shared. “The main reason why I wanted to have a real wedding was so that for the first time in my 30-year life I could have all my family in one place at one time.”

After the siblings’ big days, the groom admitted he’s less than thrilled with his family members, writing, “I don't even know how to talk to them, I’m just so mad,” he wrote.

The post quickly racked up upwards of 1,000 comments, with many assuring the groom that he was not, in fact, the a**hole in his situation.

“Your sister sounds INCREDIBLY self-centered,” one commenter opined. “You had your wedding planned well ahead of time and she knew that and clearly thought she could get away with throwing her party by not inviting you. What a horrible selfish and inconsiderate thing for her and the rest of your family to do.”

Others agreed, writing, “She should have waited until the next day. You don't do anything to upstage someone on their wedding day,” and “She should have done it the next day. Maybe the day before. But on the night of [your] wedding was about as disrespectful as I've ever heard.”

An alternate set of commenters tried to offer an alternate point of view on behalf of the family, noting that the after party’s purpose may have been unclear: “If this wasn’t spelled out for me I would assume after party meant drinking and partying, and I would probably head out after the reception to because I’m not into that stuff usually.”

“Agreed,” another added. “I wouldn’t consider an ‘after party’ anything more than casual drinks at the end of the night unless it was explained otherwise.”

Then, there was the fact that the family is rarely in one place at one time. “To be fair, it sounds a lot like your sister wanted to take advantage of the whole family being together,” a responder offered. “She's not necessarily wrong for doing so, especially if wedding planning/festivities took up most of the time everyone was in town and that was her only free moment.”

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