How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon in Greece

This Mediterranean destination was made for lovers.

A view of white-washed buildings with blue rooftops in Greece, a honeymoon destination.

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You've just tied the knot and are getting ready to plan a honeymoon in one of the most romantic destinations in the Mediterranean. But you might find yourself faced with a common question: Which island to start with first?

A blissful few weeks in Hellas usually involves long, languid days catching rays on pristine beaches, followed by three-hour lunches replete with wine, feta cheese, and olives, but whether you’re in search of buzzy party isles or subdued, small-scale archipelagos to spend your first days as newlyweds, there’s a myriad of options to choose from.

Here, we enlist the help of a few trusted travel experts to help you plan the perfect honeymoon in Greece. Heed their advice below, then get ready to island hop.

Meet the Expert

Planning Your Greece Honeymoon

Greece is one of those destinations you don’t want to visit in the off-season for better deals because A) nothing will be open and B) it’s quite chilly. You want to be there when the weather is warm and the islands are alive, so avoid the months of November through March. While their peak season really kicks off later in June, some resorts open as early as May. 

According to Andria Mitsakos, Greek-American founder of international PR firm, AMPR Global and Greece-based luxury design brand, Anthologist, the ideal time to visit is before the season begins, in mid-June. “I love June because the days are so long and you can lounge on the beach forever,” she says. “I also love lunching until the moon rises, then going for a sunset swim.”

Brandon Berkson, founder of the boutique hotel and travel guide, Hotels Above Par, is partial to May or September, before and after the summer crowds inundate islands like Santorini and Mykonos. “When in Greece, I recommend doing three islands plus Athens, totaling the trip out to ten days,” he shares. “I always tell people to add Athens into the mix for a few reasons: It’s the airport you’ll most likely fly to en route to the Greek isle you’re visiting, allowing you to acclimate to Europe after a long flight; and it’s replete with mesmerizing history and Ancient Greek ruins everywhere that are beautiful sights during any time of day.”

Ready to begin planning? Here are the basics for planning a romantic honeymoon to Greece:

  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro
  • When to Go: July and August are the busiest/hottest months while May/June and September are a bit less touristy and pleasant, weather-wise.
  • Getting There: The easiest way to access Greece is by plane. While the capital city of Athens serves as the central hub for incoming flights and outgoing flights to the various islands, there are also airports in Santorini, Mykonos, and Heraklion. Taking the ferry between islands is another option, but not a very favorable one. “Whatever you do, do not take the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini,” warns lifestyle influencer and creator of the travel app With Love from Kat, Kat Jamieson. “Fly back through Athens and then connect because that ferry is always delayed, extremely turbulent, packed, and unreliable.” 
  • Transportation: Feel free to delete your Uber app for the ‘moon because they don’t exist once you’re outside of Athens. Mitsakos recommends car rentals so you can explore at your own pace and not have a schedule. “The best thing about Greek summer is not having a plan, so rent a car and stop at deserted beaches…I always drive barefoot!”
  • Must-Pack: The vibrant islands of Greece lend themselves to colorful caftans, bold maxi dresses, stylish separates, and comfortable layers. Accessories, scarves, and oversized totes that double as beach bags are a must but heels are not. “I would say skip packing heels as I didn't wear a single pair that I brought the entire time,” advises Jamieson. “The roads are too steep or sandy.” Opt for chic flats and sandals, which are less clunky to pack. Jamieson also prefers carrying on when it comes to flying with luggage in Greece. “Try not to check a bag as I have heard many stories of bags being stolen from the Athens airport,” she says. 

Places to Stay During Your Greece Honeymoon

Island hopping is part of the allure of a Grecian honeymoon, but given the fact that there are 227 inhabited islands, narrowing down where to go and where to stay is arguably the most time-consuming part of the planning process. Are you looking to hit the most popular destinations? Then Santorini and Mykonos it is!

“From the most romantic sunsets over the caldera in Oia to the famed white buildings and blue tops, Santorini is probably the most popular proposal and honeymoon destination in the Greek islands,” shares travel expert Nneya Richards. “It's not a tourist trap—remember, tourists come in droves here for a reason—it’s remarkable.”

However, if you prefer under-the-radar gems as opposed to hotspot hubs, then the islands of Crete, Sifnos, and Milos might be more your speed. Whichever direction you decide to take, rest assured there’s no shortage of luxury hotels awaiting your arrival.

Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel

“I always tell everyone to start in Athens—as the capital of a country helps define the sensibility of a culture, although our capital is quite different than island life,” explains  Mitsakos. “And if you love a grande hotel as much as I do, then Hotel Grande Bretagne is where you should stay. The rooftop bar has the best view in the city and the suites are refined and romantic.”

The infinity pool at Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Greece on a sunny, blue sky day

 Courtesy of Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

“Greece oozes romance all over but if I had to pick one place to take my significant other, it would be Santorini, specifically to the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort: A minimalist haven overlooking the sea,” says Berkson. “Each suite has its very own private plunge pool and the sunsets in Santorini are epic.” 

If you have your heart set on classic Santorini-style suites—those famous white-washed buildings dotting the volcanic caldera—don’t worry, they have those too. Their sister properties Andronis Arcadia, Boutique Hotel, and Luxury Suites are also viable options and part of the same five-star family.

Sunset in Greece at Canaves Oia, infinity pool with cement deck overlooking the ocean in Santorini

Courtesy of Canaves

Canaves Oia

Jamieson is also fond of Katikies in Santorini since many rooms come with a balcony and hot tub overlooking the island. “The views were unreal but my girlfriend stayed at the neighboring Canaves Oia which I would 100 percent book if we went back,” she recalls. “It’s a gorgeous celeb-loved spot.” As an alternative, Canaves Epitome also just opened on Santorini and boasts more of a resort setting surrounded by lush gardens, as opposed to your typical cliffside dwellings.

Neutral interiors with seating and art at Soho Roc House, a romantic honeymoon hotel in Greece

Courtesy of Soho Roc House

Soho Roc House

When in Mykonos, Jamieson likes to check into Soho Roc House, which is located within walking distance of the popular club Scorpios. “It's a bit far from town, but the property is stunning,” she raves.

Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa

If you want to be closer to the action and near more restaurants, consider Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa, the island’s newest luxury hotel that’s close to Mykonos Town, with unique features like a glass-bottom pool lit with fiber optics to twinkle at night and an art installation by Athens sculptor Venia Dimitrakopoulou.


Even if you’ve never been to Greece, chances are your Instagram feed is familiar with Calilo, a content creator’s dream hotel on Ios with floating beds suspended above lagoon-like pools, a three-story spa, and state-of-the-art suites—each designed by the hotel owner himself. With heart-shaped breakfast trays that arrive each morning swim-up style and the words “love,” “smile,” and “hope” etched into the custom stone environs, this might just be the most honeymoon-worthy hotel on this list.


“I find Corfu to be exceedingly romantic as well,” observes Berkson. “It’s less inhabited and touristy than Santorini and Mykonos and part of the Ionian Islands, which are further north.” He recommends booking a holiday home with The Thinking Traveller, a villa rental company that has breathtaking abodes like Olika. “This villa faces the sea and has privileged beach access, a panoramic pool, and a reposeful garden, plus it’s romantic to its core, due to the fact that you and your other half have the whole place to yourself.”

Striking architecture over an infinity pool during daytime at Blue Palace in Creete, Greece.

Courtesy of Blue Palace

Blue Palace

After Santorini, Mykonos, and Corfu, Crete is a no-brainer for twosomes looking to explore Greece’s incredible isles. And according to Mitsakos, it’s a destination within a destination. “I consider Crete our Sicily or Sardinia,” she explains. “Stay at Blue Palace—the service is exceptional and they are so authentically Cretan in every aspect of their hospitality. I could sit on their terrace for hours and while away the day—it’s just bliss.”

Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort

Known for its sand, swimming, and sunbathing, the Cycladic island of Paros is another convenient place to explore, especially since it’s in between Mykonos and Santorini. Mitsakos loves Paros so much, she owns a home there, but she’s also a fan of Cosme, a local resort. “The beachfront hotel opened last year and it's within walking distance to the darling town of Naoussa,” she shares. She’s also enamored by their sister property, Parilio. “It’s a member of Design Hotels, and romantic and charming with a great team.”

Verina Astra

As for couples in search of a quieter, yet mesmerizing island, consider Sifnos and a stay at “the tranquil option,” Verina Astra. It’s one of Mitsakos’ favorites for its endless views of the blue Aegean waters and starry skies.

Interior of white-washed walls at Skinopi Lodge, a romantic honeymoon hotel in Greece.

Courtesy of Skinopi Lodge

Skinopi Lodge

In Milos, there’s a hideaway so intimate and camouflaged, you could blink and miss it. “Skinopi Lodge will make you feel like you’re at the end of the earth, truly,” says Mitsakos. “Nausika, the owner is the consummate hostess and there are only seven villas nestled in between craggy cliffs and olive trees.”

A sailboat setting sail at sunset on the ocean heading toward Greek islands.

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Things to Do During Your Greece Honeymoon

With so many luxurious and amorous hotels in Greece, it’s quite possible you could check in and decide to never leave, but then you would be missing out on the islands’ plethora of charms, in addition to its abundance of restaurants and beaches. When you do crave a bit of culture, whether you’re in the Cycladic, Ionian, Argo-Saronic, or North Aegean Islands, here’s what our experts recommend doing to make the most of your honeymoon.

Wander the Streets

While this tip technically applies everywhere in Greece, Berkson embraces it wholeheartedly in Corfu. “Explore the city of Corfu—yes, also the name of the island—which is charming with its Venetian architecture and cobblestone streets, making 8 p.m. dinners on restaurants’ outdoor patios hyper-romantic,” he says.

Go Shopping

According to Jamieson, the Greek islands are filled to the brim with one-of-a-kind boutiques so be sure to carve out enough time to shop. “I loved the shopping in Santorini and Mykonos,” she shares. “In Mykonos, I recommend Arrathi, Calypso, Mykonos Path, and Mspace and in Santorini, visit Love Me and Selestina's House.”

Hike Through a Gorge

If you’re on the hunt for other activities beyond boats and beaches, there’s the Samaria Gorge. As Livanos notes, it’s one of the longest gorges in Europe (and a challenging five-to-seven-hour hike), but the awe-inspiring scenery is worth it.

Take a Sunset Cruise

Molyvos restauranteur Enrico Livanos and his wife Emilly recently vacationed in Chania, Crete for their honeymoon, which he highly suggests to couples celebrating their nuptials in Greece. “This beautiful city is located on the northwest coast of Crete, the largest island in Greece, and known for its old town with ancient buildings, an iconic lighthouse, and picturesque waterfront, plus amazing beaches like Falassarna, Elafoniss (get there early!) and my personal favorite, Balos,” he says. Watching nightfall from the harbor on a sunset cruise is at the top of his romantic experiences list.

Get Lost

Mitsakos’ preferred way to see Greece is out on the open road—without a map. “Rent a car, put on a great playlist (I have one called Cyclops which is on Spotify), drive to a deserted beach, and read Le Petit Prince to each other to learn about real love,” she suggests.

Tour a Winery

Never tried Assyrtiko? It may be your go-to vino by the trip’s end. To familiarize yourself with the terroir of the island, discover the local volcanic wines through private tours with Boutari Winery and Vassaltis Vineyards in Santorini or Moraitis Winery in Paros. Or, sign up for a cooking class with a local chef who can wax poetic about Greece’s grapes over wine pairings.

Can't-Miss Romantic Experience: Whether you begin or end your Grecian getaway in Athens is really a matter of preference but Richards likes to wind down a multi-day sojourn in Athens. “It’s kind of like a decompression chamber before heading back into the real world,” she jokes. “And dinner overlooking the Acropolis in this buzzing, beautiful metropolis is simply amazing.” While there are plenty of Acropolis-adjacent restaurants vying for the best vantage point tables, the insiders will point you straight in the direction of Orizontes in Lycabettus all the way up. Dubbed “the terrace of Athens,” this one-of-a-kind eatery happens to be atop the highest point of the city and therefore prime real estate for a romantic dinner next to the 13-century (BC) citadel.

People dining outside in the streets below sparkling string lights in Paros, Greece

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Where to Eat During Your Greece Honeymoon

In addition to having dinner above the Acropolis, you’ll also want to experience dinner underneath it. Here you’ll find The Plaka, a beloved village within the city, lined with late-night tavernas and always-flowing Ouzo. As for other well-known mainstays on the islands, here’s where our experts frequent:


Sunset Ammoudi. Jamieson adores this Santorini spot for incredible wine and fresh seafood overlooking the water but other top contenders in "the wine island” are Varoulko Santorini at Grace Hotel AubergeOia Vineyart, Seaside on Perivolos’ black sand beach and 1800-Floga, where plated Greek dishes look more like art than food.

For the carnivores, the island’s first “Beefbar” recently opened at the acclaimed Andronis Arcadia in Oia, featuring elevated takes on street meat favorites from around the world.


“In Mykonos, we had a lively meal at Interni in town,” shares Jamieson. “The setting is really cool and the music is bumping. Ask to be seated after 10:30 p.m. so you can catch the dancing/music show.” Another pick would be Katrin. “It’s so authentic and quaint, located right in the heart of Mykonos,” she adds. “Lastly, make sure to book a late lunch reservation at Spilia—it’s right on the water, and always a good time.”


For Mitsakos, it’s Siparos in Paros, and Thalassamou. “Sit at the bar at SiParos for an afternoon apero and order a few plates, or go for dinner,” she advises. “Thalassamou is beachfront so you can swim and sun and sip and eat, then do it all over again.”


In Sifnos, Mitsakos dines at Bostani, a bistronomy restaurant that merges the culinary worlds of bistro cuisine with gastronomy, using local ingredients grown onsite in their garden.


With a field to fork ethos, and menu consisting of 33 dishes inspired by the 33 Cycladic islands, the restaurant at Calilo is high on the list of places to dine in Ios, next to Grandma’s at Liostasi Hotel and Drakos Fish Taverna, where ropes of sun-dried octopus are perched above the Aegean sea before hitting the grill.


“The top restaurant in Crete is in Heraklion, at Peskesi,” insists Livanos. "We just ate there and it was one of the best dining experiences we've had in Greece. Chania is also known for its food and wine—look for super traditional items like Kalisounia, an herb and cheese pastry.”

Budgeting for a Greece Honeymoon

As we mentioned previously, honeymooning in Greece is more expensive during the peak season months of June, July, and August, whereas shoulder season months like March through May and September through October tend to be less expensive. So, keep that in mind before booking flights and hotels. A quick search on shows flights in the $800 range in May but as high as $2,344 in August. 

According to Honeymoon Always, the average cost of a trip to Greece for two ranges from $1,000 for budget stays to $3,500 and up for a luxury stay of seven days, but deciding how to divvy up the honeymoon fund really comes down to lifestyle choices. If you’re a couple who loves to splurge, then you’re most likely going for the hotels that are $1,000-plus a night but rest assured, not every dreamy resort is this pricey. 

In fact, the beauty of these intriguing isles is that you can also find three- or four-star accommodations for a few hundred a night—and they’re probably sharing the same views and plot of land as the higher-roller suites to your right. If you’d rather save your wedding cash for experiences outside of your hotel room, then shop around and you’ll be sure to spy tons of budget-friendly, yet spectacular deals on lodging.

And, you’ll be happy to hear that food and drink costs and restaurant prices are significantly lower in Greece than in the U.S. (Bottles of wine start at $5.) You could easily get by spending less than $100 per person for food and drinks for the entire day, which doesn’t even get you an app and a cocktail in other honeymoon destinations.

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