Real Brides Share Their Grandparents' Wedding Day Photos — and They're Amazing

Updated 03/15/16

Courtesy of Sue Americus

Most of our favorite love stories surprisingly don't come from Hollywood movies (we're looking at you The Notebook!). Nope, some of the most romantic, real-life tales of love and loyalty come from people a little closer to home — our grandparents.

There's something so heartwarming about an elderly man opening up the door for his 80-year-old wife, or holding her hand wherever they may go together. Which is why we decided to ask our readers on Facebook to share their grandparents' beautiful pictures on the day they wed. Let's just say, these photos are giving us some serious #marriagegoals.

Above: "Grandparents to 19 grandkids, great grandparents to 4, married in October of 1955, just celebrated 60 years of marriage, and they're still going strong!!"

— Sue Americus

Photo: Courtesy of Roberta Correia

"My grandparents got married in 1939 in Rio de Janeiro, and I just love how formal their look is! My grandma disliked her very curly hair (like me!) and I just know she wore it in Little Lulu buns to hide the curls. She also had the most gorgeous blue eyes, and even in black and white you can tell." — Roberta Correia

Photo: Courtesy of Ellen Murphree Morgan

"My in-laws in 1957, true Southern wedding. Obviously their marriage and love is one that means a tremendous amount to me. They gave life to and raised the man of my dreams. As a wedding planner myself I appreciate the detail and treasure that photos like this are." — Ellen Murphree Morgan

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Tripucka

"'Grandy' and 'Pop' on their wedding day! Pop (also known as Frank Tripucka) was the first Denver Broncos quarterback in the NFL. The two married in the early 1950s after attending high school in Bloomfield, NJ and went on to have seven children." — Jennifer Tripucka

Photo: Courtesy of Katie Kigin

"Beautiful picture of my grandparents!" — Katie Kigin

Photo: Courtesy of Alyssa DelVecchio

"My grandparents. Wish they were going to be here for my wedding in June, but I know they'll be watching." — Alyssa DelVecchio

Photo: Courtesy of Dara Stevens

"My grandparents at their wedding reception, cutting their cake in 1957!" — Dara Stevens

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Jane Page

"This was my Nan and Grandad on their wedding day in 1945 (I think). Sadly both have passed now, along with my other grandparents, so [they] won't be attending mine." — Laura Jane Page

Photo: Courtesy of Fara Marcus

"These are my husband's grandparents: Nettye & Matthew Breen (aka Nanny & Poppy). They were married on August 31, 1943 in his great-grandparent's home, followed by a small dinner at a restaurant. They met when he came to pick up her older sister who was dating his older brother. Two sisters ended up marrying two brothers! Many years later when my husband was born, he was named Matthew in remembrance of his grandfather. When we got married last year, my husband chose to use his grandfather Matthew's ring and continues to wear it everyday as his own wedding band. It is very special and something we will cherish forever." — Fara Marcus

Photo: Courtesy of Hannah Baker

"My grandparents got married in 1954 :)" — Hannah Baker

Photo: Courtesy of Jade Vergoes Houwens

"My grandmother and grandfather. November 26, 1955 — 60 years and still going strong." — Jade Vergoes Houwens

Photo: Courtesy of Allison Marie

"My grandparents at their wedding. They are both in their 80s now and still happily married!" — Allison Marie

Photo: Courtesy of Sue Americus

"Beautiful photo of Nana and Papa on their wedding day in 1958! Still each other's best friend." — Sue Americus

Photo: Courtesy of Zoe Meuli

"My Nana and Papa, miss them both RIP." — Zoe Meuli

Photo: Courtesy of Caitlin Bistricas

"1947. Will be missing my grandma at our wedding next month but know she's watching. He's never been the same since she left us." — Caitlin Bistricas

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