A Definitive Ranking of All the Gossip Girl Weddings


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Hello Upper East Siders! OMG, do you guys miss Gossip Girl as much as we do? This week's news that the show debuted 10 years ago hit us right in the aging feels, and we couldn't help but reminisce about all the times our favorite Upper East Siders and Brooklynites said "I do"—all the fashions, all the early aughts trends, and all the most over-the-top wedding dresses! From Rufus and Lily, to Dorota and Vanya, and even Gossip Girl herself (himself!), Gossip Girl brought us no shortage of incredible wedding moments. Here, our definitive ranking of the best weddings, and the one we could have done without, on Gossip Girl.

Rufus and Lily

Remember when finding Scott was the biggest deal ever on Gossip Girl? And then he just disappeared? Yeah, weird. But at least Rufus and Lily finally got married—making Lily a bigamist, but more on that later—in the most Brooklyn way ever at the Humphrey loft. Rufus being the '90s-alt rock god he is, he even gets Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon to not only perform but officiate the wedding.

The bride wore: If anyone can pull off a colored wedding dress it's Lily Van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey in a ruffled fuchsia gown accessorized with something-blue turquoise drop earrings.

Giovanni Rufino

Lily and Bart Bass

Every soap has to have their first major wedding moment, and the union of Lily and Bart Bass was it. Sure, the bride looked stunning in a classic A-line strapless gown (early Lily is so not right for Rufus), but it's Serena's ruffled, high-collar and floral Ralph Lauren bridesmaid dress that stole the show.

The bride wore: Vera Wang.

Chuck and Blair

It's the classic evening soap trope: "Quick, let's get married so you can't testify against me!" But for this couple perpetually stuck in "will-they-or-won't-they" purgatory, murder charges were just the push they needed to say "I do" in Central Park. The marriage was made official by the most perfect officiant: Cyrus!

The bride wore: the most beautiful blue Elie Saab long-sleeved dress. Perfect for a second wedding.

Serena and Dan

Sure, he tormented you and your friends for nearly a decade, but why not marry Lonely Boy/Gossip Girl and give him the fairy tale ending of his dreams? At least we got to see Serena's epic staircase entrance, clad in a gold-embroidered wedding dress, of course, and Chuck and Blair's mini-me, Henry (the faux name Chuck assumed after he was shot, duh).

The bride wore: The most Serena-esque wedding dress of all time by Georges Chakra Couture.

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Dorota and Vanya

Chuck and Blair who? Our favorite couple to 'ship on GG was Blair's right-hand woman Dorota and Vanya. The only legit nice people on this show, after Cyrus, of course. Dorota's shotgun wedding brings everyone together in a classic "a wedding solves everything" move from the writers of Gossip Girl.

The bride wore: A custom maternity wedding dress made by GG costume designer Eric Damian.

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Cyrus and Eleanor

Two words for you: Aaron Rose. Otherwise, these two were made in opposites-attract heaven. And Blair gains the most wonderful stepfather in the process.

The bride wore: Eleanor Waldorf, of course.

Blair and Louis

Ugh, we had to make it through Blair's "American princess" bit. At least we had each other.

The bride wore: custom Vera Wang, of course. Though we don't buy for a second that the usually impeccably-coifed Blair Waldorf would have chosen ratty beach-waved extensions to wed her prince.

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