How to Wear Glitter Like a Grown-Up at Your Bachelorette Party

Avoid looking like a junior bridesmaid with these runway-inspired tips

Updated 02/28/18

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Wearing glitter might bring back unwanted flashbacks from your pre-teen days, but sparkly eyeshadows have come a long way since your middle school dances. Before you write it off as being completely juvenile, allow us to change your mind. After all, there's no better occasion for glitter makeup than your bachelorette party!

Whether you desire a pop of glitter on your pout or want to add a twinkle to your eyes, here are five glitter makeup looks that'll having you wearing glitter like a grown-up, courtesy of the chicest runways from New York to Paris. Go ahead, it's your bachelorette party! Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

Go for Glitter in Neutral Shades

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Take it slow. If this is your first foray into glitter in years, choose a shade of sparkle that’s neutral. It’ll get you noticed, but only in the best way possible. A hint of gold on your lids—like this one from Tommy Hilfiger—looks festive yet chic.

Pair Glitter with a Clean Face

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When it comes to wearing a high-shine makeup look, there are rules that can keep you from looking completely overdone (Stella Jean got it right). Pick an area you want to highlight and stick with it. For just the right amount of balance, pair your shiny shadow with minimal makeup and a bare lip.

Use It as a Topper

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Glitter doesn’t have to dictate your entire look. Pick a style you’re comfortable with and use some shimmer to give it a little something extra.

Update a Classic Look

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You’ve tried the classic red lip before, but you need something a bit more special on your big night out. Our favorite way to wear a bright pop of colorful glitter is a ruby red pout á la Versace.

Swap Your Eyeliner for a Dark Glitter

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Let your eyes do all the talking with a smoldering smokey eye of shiny proportions. First, line the entire eye with a black kohl pencil, and then kick things up a notch by applying a dark-hued glitter along the lower lash line. Somehow, the final look is almost understated.

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