George Clooney Resorted to Some Pretty Elaborate Flirting Techniques to Win Over Amal

He even roped his dog Einstein into it

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you thought that George Clooney was a strictly flowers-and-chocolate kind of guy—or that accomplished human-rights lawyer and epitome of elegance Amal Clooney could be wooed by anything so prosaic—you've got another thing coming. In a preview of the next episode of David Letterman's Netflix talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which hits the streaming service Friday, February 9, the actor opens up about the impressive lengths he went to in order to win over his wife, giving the audience an exclusive peek into the mind of a true master of romance.

In the clip, Clooney explains that he sometimes roped his dog Einstein into his flirtatious schemes. "I would write letters from Einstein to her saying, 'I'm being held hostage and I need a lawyer to get me out of the room,'" he says, according to People.

Other times, the Oscar winner relied on his own clout to secure once-in-a-lifetime experiences for Amal, though they often dimmed in comparison to the life-changing work she does on a daily basis. "I went to London to score a movie at Abbey Road, which is a pretty cool thing. You've got a 150-piece orchestra, and I thought, 'If you're ever going to impress somebody...' I said, 'You should come to Abbey Road.' And Amal's like, 'I'm at the Muslim Brotherhood right now, but I'll come over right after,'" Clooney says, referencing the group that has been designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. "So she left this meeting where she was trying to hold the Muslim Brotherhood to account for something, and we're here just doing a dumb movie score. I was like, 'Yeah, this is really important stuff we're working on here.'"

In another preview from the upcoming episode, Clooney, who married Amal in Venice in September 2014 and welcomed twins Alexander and Ella in June 2017, talks about how he thought Amal had friend-zoned him after their serendipitous first meeting. "We started writing and I didn't really have a—I didn't really know if she wanted to go out with me," he said of the email exchange they started after a dinner party at his house. "I just thought, you know, we were buddies."

Whatever you say, George.

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