15 Fun Galentine's Day Party Ideas for You and Your Besties

Waffles, mimosas, and so much more

Several women laughing and drinking wine

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Any Parks and Recreation fan worth their cones not only knows what Galentine's Day is, but is well-versed in the sacred traditions invented by one of our all-time favorite TV personalities, Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler). For those who don't know, Galentine's Day is observed on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day, when, instead of celebrating your S.O., you kick it with all your best friends, because, let's be honest, they're pretty darn important.

While we love the idea of keeping it traditional—no significant others and tons of breakfast food—we also think there are just too many great ways to celebrate. Whether it's an at-home spa day, a nostalgic grade-school inspired card exchange, or a grown-up soiree with cocktails and hors d'oeuvre, we're sure you'll get inspired to celebrate this much-needed holiday with your favorite people (besides your partner, of course).

Below, we rounded up 15 ideas for a super fun Galentine's celebration, whether you choose waffles and mimosas or steaks and bourbon.

Go the Traditional Route

Want to keep the celebration the way Leslie intended? We feel you! There's nothing we enjoy more than waffles and mimosas. You'll need:

A Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron

Heart-shaped waffle on pink plate with rainbow fork
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Serving waffles is kind of a must if you're going to go the "traditional" route. We think this heart-shaped mini waffle maker is just adorable!

Prepare a few different types of batter, like savory cheddar and bacon, sweet red velvet, and normal buttermilk. Then, set up different toppings in little bowls, like butter and syrup, cream cheese frosting, and shredded cheese.

SHOP NOW: Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker, Urban Outfitters, $18

A Colorful Mimosa Bar

Two glasses of juice with orange and pomegranate
Courtesy of The Real Food Dietitians

What goes well with a waffle bar? A mimosa bar, naturally! Grab some pretty carafes filled with your favorite juices, some edible flowers (for the gram, of course), and your nicest stemware, and get to it!

A Bubbly Parting Gift

Two miniature bottles of Chandon sparkling rose wine surrounded by frosted donuts
Courtesy of Chandon

Don't let anyone leave empty-handed! Send your guests off with cute mini bottles of sparkling rosé or champagne. Your besties will be very impressed with your entertaining skills.

SHOP NOW: Chandon Rosé Mini, Chandon, $8

Pretend You're Still in Elementary School

Want to get a little nostalgic for Galentine's Day? Invite all of your pals over (or choose a favorite bar to reserve a table at) for an old-school version of Val-turned-Galentines day. You'll need:

Fun DIY Mailboxes

Paper valentine's day mailbox
Courtesy of Finished Favor via Etsy

Go old-school with a fun crafting project including stickers, paint, and shoeboxes for decorating, or purchase an adorable personalized mailbox for each of your besties.

SHOP NOW: Paper-Crafted Valentine's Day Mailbox, Etsy, from $6.50

Galentine's Day Cards

"Happy Galentine's Day" card with flowers
Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Have all of your pals bring over a G-Day card for everyone at the party. Buy them online, or craft your own beforehand.

SHOP NOW: Galentine's Day Card, Rifle Paper Co., $5

Conversation Candy Heart Everything

Candy-heart shaped lapel pin with "Nah." print
Courtesy of Minimalust Studio via Etsy 

Nothing says classic grade school V-Day-turned-G-Day like a good old conversation heart. You can pretty much find conversation-heart-themed anything, but we think these sassy candy-heart-inspired pins are beyond cute.

SHOP NOW: Conversation Heart Pin, Etsy, $13.99

Get Fancy-Schmancy

Want something a little more on the, ahem, sophisticated side? Try hosting a cocktail party and sending out invites suggesting cocktail attire—any excuse to wear that little black dress, right? You'll need:

Themed Cocktails Galore

Three women toasting cocktails
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If you're hosting a large group, it's easiest to do batch cocktails, but how about suggesting everyone bring over ingredients to make a Galentine-themed cocktail of their choosing? You could have a taste-testing extravaganza!

Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers

Chicken in waffle cones on a platter
Photo by Fondly Forever Photography

With all those creative cocktails, you'll definitely need some delicious appetizers to go with them. If you want to nod towards the originator of Galentine's Day, we suggest looking up a recipe that includes waffles in some capacity—chicken and waffle bites? Yes, please!

Fun Takeaways

Disco ball tumbler with pink straw
Courtesy of Prim And Party via Etsy

Because everyone loves a favor, even at a cocktail party! We love these disco ball tumblers, plus, they provide a perfect Instagram opportunity, naturally.

SHOP NOW: Disco Ball Tumbler, Etsy, $11.72

Relax With a Home Spa Day

Rather keep it low-key and pamper yourself and your friends before your Valentine's Day dates? A home spa experience is a perfect way to relax, unwind, and practice some much-needed self-care while spending quality time with your besties. You'll need:

Skin-Loving Sheet Face Masks

A pile of pink, yellow, and blue sheet face masks
Courtesy of Patchology

The most classic spa day treatment? A face mask! These sheet face masks are super easy to use and come in a set of three with each one aimed at a different skin concern.

If you're not into sheet masks, buy a few trial sizes of different types of face masks, like mud, gel, or peel-off, so your guests can take their pick.

SHOP NOW: Patchology moodmask™ Sheet Mask Trio, Ulta, $15

DIY Gel Manicures

Manicure set with pink nail polish, a UV light, nail file, cuticle pusher, and nail polish remover wipes
Courtesy of Urban Oufitters

A spa day wouldn't be complete without a great manicure (and pedicure, too!). Instead of spending money at the salon, give each other gel mani/pedis with this miniature kit.

SHOP NOW: Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit, Urban Outfitters, was $35, now $30

Soothing Aromatherapy

Blue essential oil diffuser
Courtesy of Sparoom

The best part of walking into a spa is breathing in those calming scents that emanate from essential oil diffusers. Thankfully, you can get one of your own and choose your favorite scented oil to create a lovely fragrant mist while you and the pals enjoy relaxing activities.

SHOP NOW: PureMist Essential Oil Diffuser, Sparoom, $30

Throw a Grown-Up Slumber Party

There's nothing better than hanging with your besties in comfy pajamas, staying up late playing games and watching movies, and snacking on junk food (while sipping on some good wine, of course). For a grown-up Galentine's slumber party, you'll need:

A Great Party Game

For The Girls party game on a table with confetti, champagne, and billiards balls
Courtesy of Target

Card games aren't just for kids! This ladies-only version of the hilarious What Do You Meme? adult party game is sure to be a crowdpleaser.

SHOP NOW: For The Girls by What Do You Meme? Game, Target, $24.99

Adorable Matching Eye Masks

Two sleeping eye masks with eyelash decal
Courtesy of TotallyBrides via Etsy

Provide your guests with these totally adorable coordinating sleep masks that they can take home as favors when the party's over. With tons of colors to choose from, everyone can pick their favorite.

SHOP NOW: Eyelash Silk Sleep Masks, Etsy, $8

Yummy Homemade Snack Mix

A bowl of snack mix with cereal, popcorn, and pretzels
Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

For a fun activity, put together a delicious snack mix to munch on while you gossip, watch movies, and play games. Pair your crunchy creation with a grown-up beverage (wine, anyone?) for classic slumber party vibes with a twist.

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