Strike a Pose: 5 Hilarious Wedding Party Photos

Updated 07/16/14

Tanielle Lobo

Like the epic groomsman photo that went viral earlier this week, some of the best wedding photos aren't the posed, stage shots. Rather, the most memorable pictures tend to be the ones where the bride, groom and bridal party look like they're having an absolute blast. Forget the smiles and perfect posture — at least for one shot! — during your photography session with your bridesmaids and groomsmen and show off your sense of humor. Here are five of the funniest wedding photos we found to help inspire your own group picture.

1. Hide your eyes

Because who really likes PDA anyway? We love how everyone is hiding their eyes and laughing while the bride and groom kiss in the above photo, except one groomsman and his face is pretty priceless.

2. Jump for joy

We don't care how many times its been done already, the group-jump photo is a new classic.

3. Play a game

Wedding photographer Mike Franklin likes giving the wedding party an activity to do. "I find when the members of the wedding have something to focus on, they are much more relaxed," he says.

� Ricky Stern Photography

4. Let loose

This group shot is perfect for couples who don't take themselves too seriously. We guarantee you'll look back on this photo on your 25th anniversary and laugh.

5. Go for a swim

Nothing says, "We're the coolest couple ever" like a spontaneous dip in the ocean. Just make sure you and your wedding party have something to change into afterwards ...

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