WATCH: This Might Be the Funniest Groom's Speech Ever

There are some grooms that find the thought of giving even a brief wedding speech daunting, and there are those that whole-heartedly welcome the challenge. Steven Brodie, who wed the love of his life, Rachel, in London on December 1, 2013, definitely falls into the latter category.

Despite tying the knot over a year ago, the Daily Record reports that Steve has been hounded with requests from his guests to finally upload a video of his epic groom's speech... or, rather, song. Luckily for us, he did just that on March 3.

The Scottish bride and groom wed in front of 223 guests at the Royal College of Surgeons and, to start the reception off on a joyous note, Steven wrote, produced, and starred in, a part-speech-part-musical-performance that included live reading and video components.

The speech starts with a hilarious rendition of Bruno Mars' "Marry Me." Lyrics include, "Who cares baby, I knew I had to marry you. We said I do, I can't believe it baby, you're finally my lady. We said I do, I can't believe it, Rachie, you're finally my Brodie," he sings.

The video pans out to show Steve smiling before his guests. He then explains what he knows was expected of his speech, and what guests should now settle in for, saying, "'Keep it simple,' Rachel said. 'Don't make jokes,' everyone said. 'Don't embarrass me,' Rachel said. 'Keep it short,' everyone said. 'And just be yourself.' Unfortunately for you all, being myself means I tend to go on a bit, and I make bad jokes and embarrass Rachel."

While he did certainly go on for quite a bit and continue to make jokes, we'd hardly say he embarrassed his beautiful new wife, who stunned in a simple lace wedding dress. In fact, he offered some very sweet tributes to the new Mrs. Brodie and shared how endlessly happy he was to have been married to her.

"It's been the greatest day of our lives. Rachel, you are my vision of perfection. You're always beautiful, but today you look beyond extraordinary. I cannot begin to describe what I feel for you and I'll love you forever," Steven said. He then breaks into several sections of song, all of which can only be described as endlessly hilarious.

Watch the entire tribute to Rachel, above, and enjoy Steven's hilarious and sweet speech!

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