Make Your Wedding Rehearsal Fun in 5 Simple Steps

Updated 05/13/15

Jennifer Weems

When you walk into a rehearsal, does your brain go into bored-to-death auto-pilot? "Rehearsals can be tedious because you are going over information that seems fairly obvious — especially if any of your wedding party has been in a wedding before," admits Alicia Matsumoto, event producer for Alison Events Planning and Design.

But you can keep your wedding party — and let's be honest, yourself — from monotony with these five expert tips.

Take time to catch up.

Your rehearsal is meant as a run-through for your big day, sure — but that doesn't mean it has to be all business and no pleasure. "Rehearsals are a great opportunity to get together and catch ups with friends and family," Matsumoto says. "And if you allow your wedding party some time to socialize beforehand, they won't be chatting their way through your rehearsal later."

Keep it short and sweet.

"I do not ever recommend reading through the ceremony and all the readings during the rehearsal — save it for the big day!" says Matsumoto. Instead, stick to running through the processional, recessional, and a brief description of the details in between.

Stay organized.

You can lose your wedding party's attention quickly if you falter with directions. "Make sure you go into it with a set rehearsal timeline laid out," Matsumoto advises.

Spice it up.

While you may expect a serious troupe on your wedding day, it's OK to let them let loose the night before. "Play a funny song for each pair and allow them to dance down the aisle, or prepare some funny vows to exchange with your significant other," suggests Matsumoto. "It's great to bring in some laughter — just make sure you're clear about what your expectation are for the wedding day."

Cap it off with a toast.

"Finish off the rehearsal by pouring some bubbly to toast your welcome party!" says Matsumoto. "It's a huge commitment to be in the wedding, and you should thank them accordingly."

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