5 Unforgettable Friends Wedding Moments in Honor of the Finale's 10-Year Anniversary

Watch clips of Rachel's first wedding dress, Monica and Chandler's wedding, and more!

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It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years since the series finale of Friends aired. That means it's been 10 years since Rachel got off the plane to Paris, Monica and Chandler discovered they were adopting twins, and Phoebe and Joey remained happily as they were. Could we be any more nostalgic?

Not only did the iconic show give us a heartwarming snapshot of friendship and quotes that we still repeat to this day, it also had some of the best TV weddings — Ross "The Divorce Force" Geller had several. After all, the show started with runaway bride Rachel dashing into Central Perk, wedding dress and all. What other moments from the the show's' 10-year run will always be there for us? Let's "pivot" on over to them, shall we?

Monica and Chandler's Wedding

Even with all of its obstacles, this turned out to be the most functional of the Friends weddings. Sure, Chandler almost bailed, everyone thought Monica was pregnant, and Joey could barely get away from work, but the love between Monica and Chandler was tangible (who cares that they're fictional?). Our favorite moments: Monica's classic wedding dress, their tearjerker vows, Chandler surprising her with dance lessons, and Joey just saving them from a Greek Orthodox ceremony.

Phoebe and Mike's Wedding

We love this wedding for how delightfully "Phoebe" it felt. Once Mike (hello, Paul Rudd!) got over his anti-marriage grumpiness and Phoebe fired Monica as her wedding planner, they had an unforgettable outdoor ceremony in the middle of a blizzard. Only Phoebe would push ahead with that kind of event, but she just had to say "I do" outside of Central Perk. It was the last on-screen wedding of the series, and it was also one of the sweetest, with "Here, There, and Everywhere" by The Beatles playing during the ceremony.

Ross and Rachel's Wedding

"Hello, Mrs. Ross! Well, hello, Mr. Rachel!" We know, we know, Ross and Rachel got married off-screen, but it was too hilarious not to include. The tumultuous duo drunkenly got hitched during the group's trip to Las Vegas, marker mustaches and all. Seeing them exit the chapel freaked out Monica and Chandler, but their joy and confusion is just fine with us.

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