Friends Fans Spot Continuity Error Related to Monica and Chandler's Wedding Gifts


Updated 05/05/19

Courtesy of Netflix

Of all of the great moments in Friends history—"Unagi," PIVOT!" "We were on a break!"—none are quite as memorable as Monica and Chandler's surprise hookup turned secret love affair turned happy marriage. It was so good that one fan even recently decided to re-create their proposal IRL. But as an eagle-eyed TV detective recently discovered, there was a massive continuity error smack in the middle of their wedding celebrations that we all completely missed. Until now.

Per the blog Her, the mistake happens during the episode titled "The One With the Red Sweater." While viewers and the gang are all busy freaking out over (spoiler?) Ross being the father of Rachel's baby, Monica is busy freaking out about her wedding gifts...which she decides to open before Chandler gets home.

In one frame, around five minutes into the episode, the gift can be seen completely—and beautifully—wrapped in colorful paper. In the next moment, said paper has been ripped off, revealing a plain cardboard box. When the camera cuts back to the gift for a third time, it is meticulously wrapped once again, but the fourth time we see the box onscreen, it's unwrapped. See what we mean...

First it's wrapped:

Courtesy of Netflix

Then it's unwrapped:

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Then it's wrapped again:

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Then it's unwrapped again:

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

...And my head officially hurts. While it actually wouldn't be that surprising for Monica to rewrap her own gift—I mean, we all know how much she hates a mess—it's likely that this was just a slight whoopsie on the part of the director. And, ya know, on the part of Monica, who just couldn't wait for Chandler to get home to see what was inside the box. And now that you've noticed it you will officially never be able to unsee that magic trick–working cardboard box again.

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