5 Totally Free Date Night Ideas

Your wedding budget will thank you

couple outside in a backyard tent

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Date nights spent together are an essential part of any relationship. Quality time with your partner without any other distractions or obligations are the key to connecting, enjoying, and making memories with the one you love.

But who says dates need to be expensive?

Here are five totally free date-night ideas, so you can spend quality time together at no cost whatsoever. (Your wedding budget will thank you later too.)

Music Under the Stars

Know of an outdoor concert venue where you can hear the music (without paying for a ticket) if you get close enough? Take a drive and park as close as you can. Roll the windows down, put your feet on the dash, and take it all in—together.

Wake Up With the Sun

Who says dates have to be at night? While being under the stars is always romantic, there's something so special about a sunrise. Head to bed early together (what you do in there is up to you) so that you can wake up with the sun, literally. In warmer temps head outside to the beach or a hiking trail before the sun starts to peek out to take in Mother Nature in all her early morning glory.

Slumber Party

Yes, really. Even if you get to kiss your beloved goodnight each and every night, put a fun twist on it with a slumber party. Instead of your usual nighttime routine, pull out the air mattress or sleeping bags, build a pillow fort, dust off the old board games, make some popcorn, and embrace your inner kid. Trust us, it will be even more fun as grown-ups.


Even if your knowledge of the stars begins and ends at "they're pretty," you can learn a ton with just a simple Google search. So learn a little (or a lot) together prior to heading out and surveying the sky. Even if you don't have binoculars or a telescope, you can use an app like Sky Map to identify stars, planets, and more—all from your smart phone!

Scavenger Hunt

Another great free date-night idea? Using only items in your home that you already own, create a fun scavenger hunt for one another! Take turns following the clues and cues as you unearth hidden objects or discover something special waiting for you at the end.

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