5 Free Bridesmaid Resources That Your BFFs Will Want to Know About

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When someone is asked to be a bridesmaid for a good friend, at first there's an overwhelming excitement—daydreaming about what the dress will look like and the memories you’ll create at the bachelorette party. But then, the mental ping pong of worrisome thoughts may start bouncing around a bridesmaid's head: "What do I have to do first?" "How can I tell the bride I can’t drop $2,000 over the next 11 months?" "What are the rules of being a bridesmaid anyway?"

Since "being a bridesmaid" is often considered synonymous with "being broke," it’s nice to have help on your side that doesn't cost a thing. That way, you can feel organized, prepared, and stress-free for free!

Whether you're a bride trying to look out for your squad or a bridesmaid in search of a starting-off point, here are five free resources to check out (and share among the group!) that will make the job of bridal squad member way easier.

1. A Podcast They Can Relate To

Unfortunately, not every bridesmaid question is google-able. (However, Brides.com has most of the answers. ;) ) Sometimes it's more helpful to hear about other people's actual experiences and apply their lessons learned to your own bridesmaid approach. The popular FREE podcast, Bridechilla, is a show for brides and their bridesmaids that offers fun no bullsh*t advice for navigating tricky situations—a great on-the-go resource for those looking for some pre-wedding ease.

2. Online Checklists & Info Sheets

As a bridesmaid starts to jot down all of the things she thinks she has to buy, do, or remember, she can easily end up with a to-do list that feels way overpacked and never-ending. Instead of starting from scratch, use a complimentary checklist from Pinterest or this one from Bridesmaidessentials.com to organize all responsibilities for the role ahead. Another online offering that will help both bride and bridesmaids is a one-sheeter like this one. Each attendant fills out a form and makes a copy for the bride. Now that everyone's on the same page (literally), this baby should be kept easily accessible—hung on the fridge or kept at a desk—so you never lose track of a thing.

3. A List of Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

As a bridesmaid, one of your biggest expenses will be for your dress. If the bride has asked for her BMs to weigh in on this decision, a list like this one—of affordable, yet stylish, bridesmaid dresses—is a very valuable resource. Now your team can work together to find options that will inflate confidence without deflating bank accounts.

4. A Complete Guide to Being a Bridesmaid

If you’re a rookie bridesmaid and wondering what exactly being a bridesmaid entails, you might want a full rundown from start to finish. Spend some of your free time reading through a short guidebook, like this one from Dessy, that walks you through what to expect from the day you're asked to be a part of the wedding party until you finally walk down the aisle and stand by the bride’s side.

5. A Much-Needed Laugh Break

There will be times when the wedding planning and execution processes become too much, and brides and their bridesmaids will need a breather. We recommend a YouTube break with a round of videos that are pee-your-pants funny. If they're wedding-themed, even better—this compilation of the best scenes from the gal-pal film Bridesmaids is a must-watch! The goal is to remind everyone that among all of the task-tackling and money-spending that this is supposed to be fun.

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