40% of Women Really, Really Want a Holiday Proposal

Can you blame them?

Updated 12/06/18

Courtesy of Beaverbrooks

The pros and cons of a holiday proposal are definitely up for debate, but you have to admit there is something about the crisp air and magical lights that is inherently romantic. In fact, a new study by English jewelry company Beaverbrooks—which surveyed 2,000 people—revealed that four in 10 British women are secretly expecting a Christmas proposal, and that one in five women would be “very upset” if they didn’t get engaged on a major holiday.

While not getting an engagement ring when you think a proposal is right around the corner can be disappointing any time of year, being let down during the holidays has to be 10 times worse. In the event that their happy holiday turned sour, one in 10 women surveyed said they would need to have a serious discussion about their future, and 5 percent would consider ending their relationship. These women shouldn't have much to worry about, though, as Beaverbrooks estimates 789,775 proposals will take place this Christmas. But unfortunately, it doesn't sound like everyone will be jolly with just any old proposal. The survey also revealed that 40 percent of engaged women admitted to being disappointed with how their partner proposed.

“Our research shows just how important it is for couples to get the details of a Christmas proposal right, from planning the dream location to choosing the perfect ring,” Lorna Haddon, head of diamonds and jewelry at Beaverbrooks, said in a release. “It’s all about knowing exactly what your partner would want and making it special and memorable for all the right reasons.”

According to the survey, would-be fiancés can expect a big fat NO if they pop the question while drunk. Sixty-three percent said it would be the “ultimate proposal no-go.” In addition to a boozy ask, proposing in front of the television, while cooking Christmas dinner, or in an overly big and elaborate way all made the list of what not to do during a holiday proposal.

If you’re hoping for a yes, getting down on one knee (another must for the women surveyed) in front of a log fire might be a surefire—pun intended—way to go, as 45 percent of women surveyed are hoping for this scenario. Others said opening the ring as a Christmas present, proposing in the snow, or spelling out "Will you marry me?" in Christmas lights would also suffice. One in 20 women even hope their partner will dress up as Santa himself to deliver the ring!

Moreover, 29 percent of women want their partner to know exactly the type of engagement ring they want, with 42 percent of women admitting to previously dropping hints of their preferred style.

What other holiday proposal dos and dont's did these women reveal? Read on below!

What NOT to do for a Christmas proposal

  1. Do it while drunk
  2. Do it while watching TV
  3. Serve the ring in the Christmas dinner
  4. Do it during Christmas karaoke
  5. Arrange a big elaborate proposal
  6. Film them first thing in the morning
  7. Do it during the family dinner
  8. Say it casually rather than getting down on one knee

Give the engagement ring as their only present

Do it when your other half is still in pajamas

Top engagement ring Christmas blunders

Not hiding the receipt well enough

Giving your other half a ring INSTEAD of a present

Hiding the ring in the Christmas dinner

Using a toy ring to propose

Not having a ring at all when proposing

Getting the size completely wrong

Asking your partner’s friend to pick out the ring

Not gauging what style of ring they’d like beforehand

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