6 Cool Food Trucks for Your Wedding Reception

Updated 04/02/15

Chelsey Boatwright

Whether you're commissioning a food truck in place of a caterer or as a tasty option for late-night snacking, we love the idea of mobile food at your reception. Sure, your traditionalist parents may balk at the idea of food on wheels at the most important day of your life, but we're here to tell you that mobile vendors can provide functional, fun, and delicious meal options. Here we're sharing six of our favorite ways to bring food trucks and carts into your reception.

A Seasonal Food Truck

Seasonal kitchens have become hugely popular, and there's no reason the farm-to-table aesthetic can't extend to a food truck, too. Curbside Gourmet, seen above, is a food truck based out of Palm Beach, Florida, caters weddings with a menu made from locally sourced ingredients and whips up dishes like mojo pork tacos and crab cake sliders.

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Fish & Chips Truck

This UK-based food truck, Fish & Chips Wedding Catering, specializes in just what you'd imagine: fish and chips! They offer a unique menu including traditional fried fish options and vegetarian-friendly picks like breaded brie and veggie sausages. We love the idea of a culturally-inspired caterer to represent you and your groom's heritages on your big day.

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Lobster Truck

Red Hook Lobster Pound, which is based out of NYC but can travel almost anywhere, serves delicious seafood options perfect for a beachy bash. From classic New England clam chowder to beloved lobster rolls, your guests will love munching on these options all evening long. This type of truck best suits a wedding with other food otions, though, since shellfish allergies could be prevalent.

Grilled Cheese Truck

For a late-night snack that is sure to please, consider mini grilled cheese, which are both super portable and very neat — perfect for eating quickly without ruining your fancy wedding duds! Milk Truck, an NYC-based vendor, cooks up classics cheese sandwiches with a twist.

Photo: Jose Villa

Ice Cream Cart

Jackson's Ice-Cycle, based out of San Anselmo, California, is one of the sweetest ways to end your wedding reception. This old-fashioned frozen confection cart offers organic treats like chocolate chip cookies with fresh vanilla ice cream.

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Snow Cone Truck

Looking for an unexpected and refreshing dessert? Consider a snow cone vendor, like LA-based Breezy Freeze. Guests can cool down with nostalgic flavors like blue raspberry and root beer or go for something refined and adult-approved, like Mai Tai or cappuccino.

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