6 Food Pairings That Make Perfect Wedding Favors

These treats will give guests a bite to remember


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When it comes to selecting wedding favors to send home with your guests at the end of the night, the ideal choice is both memorable and practical (no more useless tchotchkes that'll get tossed shortly after the wedding). Edible wedding favors are always a solid option, whether they're enjoyed as a late-night snack or a hangover cure the morning after. And we're not talking about a slice of cake or fancy sugar cookies! Instead, try a thoughtful food pairing that your guests will be raving about long after the big day.

Coffee and Doughnuts (above)

As the night wears on, your guests will love a little caffeine boost to keep the party going. Serve fresh cups of coffee in darling take-out cups (custom cup sleeves make them feel festive) or pack up paper bags of beans for everyone to brew later on. Both options can be made better with a side of yummy doughnut holes.

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Baguettes and Olive Oil

If you're seeking a savory snack to share with your guests, individual artisan baguettes with bottles of flavored olive oil are sure to hit the spot. Try pairing crusty petite French baguettes with rosemary, garlic, or lemon-infused olive oil; you can buy small bottles at your local market, or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own at home.

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Biscuits and Jam

Trust us: There's no better breakfast than warm, buttery biscuits with a smear of sweet jam—especially after a long night of drinking and dancing. Plus, when they're packaged in a cute basket with mini jam jars and a knife, biscuits are an ideal on-the-go treat for out-of-town guests who are traveling back home.

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Cookies and Milk

This much-loved duo makes for the perfect nightcap, no matter the occasion. For your wedding day, fill cellophane bags with your favorite cookies (this is a great time to showcase a family recipe) and seal them shut with a monogrammed sticker. Serve them alongside old-fashioned milk bottles with colorful paper straws.

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Apples and Caramel

The combination of apples and caramel dip is a staple come fall, and it couldn't be easier to incorporate the two into a DIY wedding favor. Fill tiny mason jars with homemade caramel (this recipe comes together in a pinch) and package them with apples from your neighborhood market. Finish them off with pretty thank-you tags tied with twine.

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Fries and Soda

While fast food is not the most appropriate choice for a wedding-day meal, we're all for serving fries as a playful midnight snack for your guests. Stock up on paper carriers, slap a custom sticker on the front of each, and fill them up with fries and vintage-inspired soda bottles.

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