6 Creative Ribbon Wands for Your Littlest Attendant

Buffy Dekmar

Send your youngest attendant down the aisle with a party accessory she'll love — a ribbon wand! Browse these six fun takes on the idea and you're sure to find one your flower girl will be excited to carry during the ceremony.

Ivory Ribbon Wand (above): This darling (and barefoot!) flower girl carried a wand of simple ivory-colored ribbons down the aisle.

Photo: onelove photography

Baby's Breath Ribbon Wands: For a little more embellishment, add a tuft of baby's breath to the tops of each flower girl's ribbon wand (love the matching flower crowns!).

Photo: The Great Romance

Ombre-Colored Ribbon Wands: Instead of ivory, you could choose various shades of ribbon to match your wedding's color palette.

Photo: Kate Headley

Full-Size Ribbon Wands: If your flower girls are a bit older, have them carry a longer wand for more impact as they walk down the aisle.

Photo: Erin Hearts Court

Floral Ribbon Wand: For a fresh spin on a ribbon wand, have your florist tie fresh flower buds at the ends of the ribbon strands.

Photo: Christian Oth Studio

Sparkly Ribbon Wand: Your flower girl will fall in love with this crystal-studded floral ribbon wand.

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