5 Florists Dish on Their Favorite Flowers Right Now

And they pretty much all said it was like a mother choosing her favorite child

Updated 02/09/18

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Hillman

When it comes to wedding flowers, we know our stuff. But when you get down to super-specific floral varietals, cost breakdowns, and other nitty-gritty details, we turn to the experts. Our favorite florists have imparted much flower-based knowledge on us—some of it practical, but much of it pointing out flower types we either never knew existed or never noticed before.

How sad for the poor beautiful-but-modest flowers that get stuck next to a showstopping peony in a bouquet and are never truly appreciated by the bride! Or those blooms that you think you don’t like that you immediately discount and tell your florist to nix, not realizing the beautiful varieties you’re missing out on (for instance, equating all roses with grocery-store roses and neglecting to remember garden roses)!

It’s a tale as old as time. But that’s why we’re here to help you discover new stems and broaden your floral horizons! We asked a few florist friends to tell us what their favorite flower of the moment is. Of course, this was a super-tough question (it took most of them a couple of days to decide!), but they ultimately made their decisions. Read on to see their top fleurs!

Photo Courtesy of Denise Fasanello

"Just like the 16th-century Dutch, I am still pretty much obsessed with tulips. I’m always so excited to see them in the market come springtime. The vast array of different colors and varieties astounds the senses. Whereas some flowers exude one type of feeling, tulips possess them all. Some can be happy and joyful; others are dramatic and sexy. They can be feminine and masculine. They make sense in a garden arrangement as well as in a more avant-garde design. They move and dance and have a life of their own."

Emily Buckner of Flwr Studio: Charlotte Ranunculus

Photo by Samantha Hillman, Flowers by FLWR Studio

"I love working with unusual blooms—flowers with lots of personality, depth, and dimension. These Charlotte ranunculus are gorgeous! They remind me of upside-down petticoats: romantic, and a little playful at the same time!"

Sheridan Tjhung: Japanese Super Long Phalenopsis Orchids

"I love Japanese super long phalenopsis orchids. They cascade so beautifully, with 14 to 15 large blooms per stem, and can last up to three weeks in the right conditions. Their perfect uniformity is the ideal canvas (and inspiration) for my painted orchids, a concept I began in 2015, and they still continue to inspire."

Doan Ly of a.p. bio designs: Poppies

"They are in season for a hot minute, and I want them every moment of the day. They transform from alien pods to couture dresses. They have stems that are impossibly curved. They are my Tilda Swintons."

Amy Febinger of Bourgeon Brooklyn: Ranunculus

"I am always obsessed with ranunculus this time of year. But not just any ranunculus, specifically ranunculus from Hautau and Sons, a grower located in my home state of New Jersey. These ranunculus just get better as they continue to open and spread their ruffly petals, which remind me of a ballerina’s tutu."

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