6 Universally Flattering Bridesmaid Dress Colors to Please Your 'Maids

Updated 01/30/15

If you think saying yes to your wedding dress is difficult, try putting yourself in your bridesmaids' shoes. The style, length, and color of the average bridesmaids dress are sometimes non-negotiable depending on the bride. However, by choosing a universally flattering dress shade for your girls, you may avoid tears and drama altogether. Here are six expert-approved bridesmaid dress shades to please even the most difficult 'maid.

1. Mint

"Mint is really having a moment right now and is so flattering on so many complexions," explains Lovely Bride's Cassandra Quinn. "We love this fresh color in a range of shades from light and subtle to its deep rich, almost jade, hue."

2. White

If you don't mind sharing your signature color with your bridesmaids, try selecting ivory or white tones for your bridesmaids. Quinn notes that the neutral shade is compatible with most skin tones.

3. Navy

Forget any preconceived notions about navy as a preppy, nautical shade. Kathlin Argiro, founder and creative mind behind Kathlin Argiro New York, loves the timeless color for bridesmaids.

4. Black

The inky color is trending this year for bridal gowns and bridesmaid attire alike. Keenan says that if other color options seem too trendy or expected, go with classic black.

5. Burgundy

When it comes to winter weddings, Agiro relies on rich, vivid hues like burgundy, since the jewel tone's depth look amazing on most ladies. "Generally speaking, more saturated colors work best on a variety of skin tones," she elaborates.

6. Emerald Green

Fashion-forward brides may wish to channel 2014's fairytale trend by selecting emerald green for bridesmaid dresses. "To keep the palette sophisticated I would opt for deeper shades of jewel tones," suggests Agiro.

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