The 5 Types of Bridesmaids Every Bride Needs

Paul Johnson Photography

They're your right hand women, your rocks and the shoulders you might cry on at some point during the wedding planning process. Of course, we're talking about your bridesmaids! While there's no real formula to creating the perfect bridal party, there are some qualities to look for when choosing your 'maids. Here, the five types of girls every bride-to-be should have standing next to them at the altar.

The Planner: If she doesn't run her own event planning company already she probably should! She's insanely organized, super reliable and wants every little detail to be just right. Translation: She'll throw a seriously kickass bachelorette party and wedding shower. She's thought of everything (and we mean, everything) in advance to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. Basically, she's a lifesaver who helps keep all your other bridesmaids in check so you don't have to.

The Funny Chick: Who else will snap you back to reality when you're having a mini meltdown over invitation font choices or napkin colors? This girl's mere presence and positive attitude seem to melt all your wedding day worries away. After all, they do say laughter is the best medicine.

The Party Girl: You can always count on this bridesmaid to get the party started! Whether it's at your wedding or your bachelorette, she'll be the first to break it down on the dance floor and get everyone else on their feet as well. She's your go-to girl for creating your wedding playlist and when you're stressed out, she'll be right there by your side with a glass of bubbly in hand.

The Social Media Queen: She's the one who's constantly gathering up the group for a quick Instagram pic. Plus, she isn't afraid to ask a stranger for a retake because the first picture wasn't your best angle. While you may get annoyed with her at the time (how many pics can one girl take?!), there's no denying that you love having a sidekick like her to capture all those special moments.

The Chill Friend: She's super mellow and laid-back. Also, she could care less if you want her to wear brown shoes or black with her dress — she's down for whatever and performs her bridesmaid duties without complaints. She doesn't get caught up in any of the wedding drama. Instead, she's usually the voice of reason.

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