This Fitness Blogger's Before and After Photos of Her Wedding Body Are Too Real

Updated 05/25/16

Anna Victoria via Instagram

Although no one should ever, ever feel pressured to lose weight for that walk down the aisle, a whole slew of brides spend their time as a bride-to-be getting healthy — whether it's to feel confident in their sexy sheath wedding dress or to just start off married life on the right foot. As soon as that engagement ring is slipped on their finger, tons of brides say goodbye to delicious cheeseburgers and crispy french fries. And come their wedding night, they go to bed with not only their just-minted spouse, but with tacos and nachos dancing their heads — all to be consumed ASAP now that they're post-"I do's." Hey, it's the circle of life, alright?

And famous fitness blogger Anna Victoria just got way real about it when she posted pics of her before and after wedding body.

The California native and Italy transplant, Anna Victoria, is known for her expert fitness guides, workout inspiration, and her lithe bod that she tweets out to her thousands of followers and posts on her Instagram page. Working out and eating right is definitely a way of life for the blonde beauty. But even fitness gurus can feel the pressure of achieving a wedding ready body.

The night before tying the knot with her now-hubby Luca, Anna Victoria took a quick pic of her totally fit figure, wearing just a pair of black panties and a matching sports bra. (Those abs, though!) "Ready for my dress," she wrote on the snap. That's for sure! One look at the girl in her gorgeous gown and there's seriously no doubt about that. For her big day, the bride donned a slinky lace number that clung to her bod via a chic mermaid silhouette and showed off her strong upper body thanks to its off-the-shoulder design.

But once the "I do's" were said, Ann Victoria's "food baby" finally met its due date, so to speak! The fitness blogger could finally breathe a sigh of relief post-nuptials — and posted a photo to social media proving it. In a side-by-side snapshot, Anna Victoria showed her pre-wedding body and how she looked right after her "I do's," finally relaxed (and presumably full of yummy reception noms!)

How many former brides can relate to that post-wedding belly bloat? After months of dieting, hello fabulous fast food and sugary sweets!

But the point of the pic? "Someone recently said to me that we all have our good angles and we all have our bad angles," the blogger captioned the photos. "So why do we let our bad angles carry so much more weight than our good angles? If you focus on how bad you look in the bad angles, at least focus on how good you look in the good ones too!"

Several of her followers commended her for showing them her 'sitting belly'.

One Instagram user said: "Finally! Someone who shows her sitting belly as well. I was starting to think that there was something wrong with mine...thank you this is real fitness motivation!"

Another user commented: "Perfect example of how we should always be gentle to ourselves."

Even more users on Facebook said that her photo makes them feel better about their own bodies, The Daily Mail reports, with a few adding that the photo has made them realize they're beautiful too.

"Tag a friend if you found this helpful," Anna Victoria instructed. Brides of the world, we're tagging all of you!

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