Watch the First Trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

The story seems vaguely familiar

Courtesy of YouTube/Netflix

It's the year of the royal wedding, and Netflix is officially on board.

On Thursday, the streaming service released the trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and based on the 2-minute-and-thirty-second spot, the film might surpass Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's big day as the best royal love story of the year. (Just kidding, nothing could ever beat out those two.)

The film comes as a sequel to 2017's so-bad-it's-good Christmas hit, A Christmas Prince, which told the story of journalist Amber falling in love with the Prince of a made up land called "Aldovia." The new film picks up 349 days after the last one left off, with Amber moving into the palace, planning her wedding and preparing to become the queen of a small country. "Somehow, though, I'm still me," Amber writes to her loyal royal blog followers.

When watching the trailer, it's hard not to draw comparisons between Amber and *another* American commoner who married into royalty this year. For one, Amber is asked to stop blogging, which feels reminiscent of Markle having to de-activate her social media when her relationship with Prince Harry got serious. For another, she seems to struggle with some of the royal traditions she's been asked to follow, similar to how Markle chose to break a number of traditions with her own royal wedding and reportedly had trouble adjusting to all the new rules.

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It looks like the movie will feature no shortage of drama, with Amber dealing with an overbearing mother-in-law (a.k.a. the Queen of Aldovia) and wedding planning with "His Royal Hotness"—especially because she wants the wedding to reflect her previous life and future husband but also respect the title she's about to obtain. (Seriously though, Markle MUST have tips on this, considering her and Harry added several personal touches to their nuptials—like the music—while keeping things largely traditional.)

The movie will be available to stream starting on November 30.

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