Christian Grey Proposes to Ana in the Most Epic Way in a New Fifty Shades Darker Clip

OMG, the flowers! !

Updated 02/08/17

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

For those of you who haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, prepare to freak the F out. Universal Pictures just released a new clip from the Fifty Shades Darker movie—which makes its debut in theaters on February 10—that has fans legit hyperventilating. Why? Because Grey, the guy who explicitly warned Ana he's "not a hearts and flowers kind of man," did a complete 180 by featuring none other than (a gazillion) flowers and hearts during his epic, unexpected proposal to his BDSM princess.

The proposal takes place at his parents' mansion, natch, on what we assume is Valentine's Day, given Ana's smoldering red-hot outfit and lips. After taking in the flowery scene and some over-the-top fireworks, Ana turns around to see Grey perched on one knee, looking sweaty and nervous, as any man should be. But what really catches our eye is the drop-dead-gorgeous solitaire engagement ring he's holding in his hands, which makes up for that controlling "Be mine, marry me" line he drops. We mean, how hard is it to just ask a girl whether or not she wants to spend forever with you, Christian?! Get a grip.

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

But regardless of how we feel about his interesting choice of words, it seems as though Ana is so down to get hitched, at least according to that shy smile of hers. Sadly, the video doesn't show whether or not she actually does say yes, but we have a hunch we'll be seeing Ana walking down the aisle come Fifty Shades No. 3. Will she sport a sexy frock or something more traditional—like Kate Middleton's iconic long-sleeved Alexander McQueen dress perhaps? And what about the guest list?! Will they just end up eloping on some sexy beach in the Maldives? We have so many unanswered questions!

Well, we know what we're doing Friday night.

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