Your Fiancé Wants Groomsmen But You Don't Want Bridesmaids. Now What?

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Selecting equal numbers of groomsmen and bridesmaids may make for a beautifully symmetrical wedding party photo, but not all couples opt for balance when choosing their entourage. A bridal party that doesn't evenly break into couples is far from a catastrophe, but does the same logic apply when the bride decides to completely eschew bridesmaids? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the notion of a wedding party with no bridesmaids.

Lopsided wedding parties are no longer the grave faux pas they once were; in fact, many modern couples choose uneven numbers of groomsmen and bridesmaids regardless of how they imagine their wedding pictures will appear. Your wedding party should fit your personal preferences; therefore, if you don't wish to have bridesmaids on your big day, you can forgo the custom entirely.

If there is a deeper underlying issue that impedes your ability to nominate bridesmaids, you should address the problem head-on. Many brides find narrowing down their extensive group of friends to a small group of bridesmaids is daunting, or that they only possess one or two confidantes they wish to include in their bridal party. In such cases, it is important for the bride to disregard convention and favor her own inclinations. There is also the option of limiting your bridal party to a single maid of honor and best man, which eliminates the stress of appointing a group of bridesmaids and groomsmen completely.

If you're really set on not having a wedding party, let your fiancé know how you feel and why. Instead of having his buddies up at that altar with him, maybe he can recognize them during the reception instead so that you aren't left hanging without bridesmaids. Before making your final decision, discuss all possibilities with your groom and settle on a situation that works for you both.

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